You will need plenty of money to survive in game. All scores need money to maintain in good healthy condition.


We use G$, which is a fantasy currency.

It is against game rules to attempt to buy or sell G$ against any real currency (L$, US$, etc). Any attempt to buy it or sell it will also be reported to Linden Lab as violation of TOS, and the player may be banned from our SGS sims.

G$ is to be considered without any value in the real world, but only valuable for the game purpose.

G$ balance may not be transfered from different SIMs, e.g. KOS -> Nomos

NOTE:  Initially the game money was called SG$, ,but in 2010 we changed to “G$”, which means “Game Money”.


You have 2 accounts:

– cash/pocket account

– bank account

In general you keep most of your money in the bank account, but keep some change cash to buy food and drinks.

If someone pickpockets you, they will be able to steal from your cash, not bank account.

Check your HUD to find out how much money you have, either cash or deposited in your bank account.


The main ways to make money in game are:

  • Learning a Skill: When you signup for Employment, you will get a daily pay for your work
  • Selling your Skills: Most skills will give you items, such as food, alcohol, or drugs, that you can sell to other players.
  • Renting a Business: Most revenues from the store, either from casual work, donations, or skill training, is deposited in the cash till, and belong to the owner.
  • Taking an unskilled job: These jobs are poorly paid and affect your mental health, but they are easy to acquire and don’t require interaction with other players.


Alternative ways to make money:

  • Pickpocket people: click on the “Interact” on the HUD, then pick the person, and click on ‘Pickpocket’. You may succeed or fail, but either way, the other person will find out. So please do not use this to annoy people 🙂 Just do it with those friends who may eventually reciprocate it and laugh about
  • Gambling: Some businesses have cards, or slot machine, where you can test your luck. Please note that this is not considered in violation of the TOS of Second Life, because for legal purposes, it is not considered ‘gambling’.
  • Betting: Many events (such as fights or tournaments) allow players to make bets in G$. The organizer, who is often the referee in these tournaments, gain 5% over all bets. See more info: HERE
  • Stealing from Business: Most stores have a cash tills that collects revenues coming from running the business. You can find out what is the balance by clicking on it. It will also show a menu with the chance to steal from it. If you succeed, the robbery will be reported to all Ireem, and you may be prosecuted for the crime.
  • Collecting Bounties: if you do bounty hunting, you will be able to make quite a lot of money
  • Capturing/Selling prisoners/slaves: You can sell them on the Auction or to a specific buyer for money (by using the HUD – Victim menu).



At each game you will find ATM machines or Money Lender where you can open an account. This way you can deposit your cash, withdraw it, or also apply for a loan. You can also safely transfer money to another player between bank accounts.

Read more about Bank Accounts



You may play cards, roulette, slot machines, etc. All payouts are in G$, which is a fantasy currency and has no value whatsoever. Read DISCLAIMER

Arenas and Fight Clubs (both Nomos and KoS) and other RP places have now a scripted Betting Machine, to be used for tournaments. It may be used for fights, bike races, camel races, etc.

Read more about the Betting System: HERE




Last modified: May 25, 2011