Virus / Disease / Vaccine / Potions

The virus / disease is built in-game to recreate some negative side-effects to everyday life. It should give you opportunities to interact with other players and roleplay the disease, the cure, the infection, the vaccine.

If you don’t want to be part of it, get vaccinated at the beginning of the month, and you will be immune to viruses.

Where can I catch a virus / disease?

The virus is active in Kingdom of Sand and Golgothica.

How do I catch a virus / disease?

You may catch a virus / disease through:

  • infested animals and creatures (rats,  mosquitoes, zombies, etc)
  • another infected player
  • touching or sitting on infested area

Infested animals randomly appear from nowhere. They have a health meter and if you fight back, they can be killed. You can also ask friends to help you out in killing them.

Random players may try to infect you (through the “interact” of the HUD). They will cough when they try. They have a low success rate (currently 1 out of 5 success rate).

The SIM may or may not have infested area. If you sit, collide or touch them, you will likely get sick.

What are the effects of being infected?

You will lose 30 points of physical health every day (instead of 10). That means that you will feel hungrier more often. You will also lose 1 extra point for each hit if you fight.

What choice do I have once I am infected?

This is up to you. You could go to the hospital, get a physical checkup, interact with other players. You are sick, so you should play like you are in fact sick.

If you decide to get cured, you will need a vaccine.

If you want to spread the virus, you should approach other players and roleplay your disease. To infect them, click on “Interact” on the HUD, and then “Infect”. There is a 1 out of 5 chance to infect someone. You will cough, and the other person will be aware that you attempted to infect them. So expect a reaction from them.

Please avoid to try to infect the same person twice in a row. If your attempt fails, move on on the next target.

Where do I find the vaccine / potion to cure from the disease?

At Nomos the vaccine is on sale at the Virotek machine at the Bedlam Asylum.  Since it uses a rare antigen, the cost of the vaccine is quite high (400 G$).

At KOS the vaccine (herbal remedy) is on sale at the alchemist shop.

In alternative you can try to buy it on the black market. Many other players have vaccines to sell, and they will probably sell them for cheaper prices.

If not, you can find the antigen tubes in Delivery Boxes or Crates around the sim. Read “Treasure Hunt” for more instructions. One you get the Antigen, go back to the Hospital/Alchemist to create the vaccine. For 1 antigen tube, you will get 3 vaccines.

I don’t want to risk to get infected. What can I do?

Get vaccinated. If you do, you will be immune from virus until the expiration (end of the current month).

How long does a vaccine last?

Every month there is a new strain of the virus. When you use the vaccine, you will be immune to any current and past virus, but not to future ones. So you are immune until the end of the month.

That means that you may need 1 vaccination a month.

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Last modified: September 17, 2011