RP Bans – FAQs

RP Bans are a way to stop other players to interact with you both IC and OOC, and hopefully avoid drama and arguments.

Players MUST be polite and respectful in OOC at all the times.

However, if you get into a OOC argument, you will likely try to work things out with the other person. Do NOT use local chat for OOC arguments. Either use IMs or go to a Drama Box (available in KOS). OOC Drama is highly disruptive of roleplay, so keep it out of local chat.

If you want to find a mentor for an advice, please consider to contact your clan leader or his clan leader. Clan leaders are elected by individual players to be mentors, and they are ultimately responsible IC/OOC for their clan members.

If the other person broke SIM rules contact Baal or Kora (before doing it, make sure that you know the sim rules and the Second Life TOS).

If not, and you feel that reasoning with the other person is not going anywhere, consider to RP ban them.

 How do I RP ban someone?

At the entrance of the SIM there is a book or similar to submit RP Ban.

Do RP bans affect IC or OOC interactions?

RP bans apply to both IC and OOC interactions. You two cannot talk about or to each other either in-character or out-of-character for the duration of the RP ban.

I got a RP ban and I am worried that I will be banned from the SIM.

Important, RP bans are not a form of ‘rating’ and they are NOT sim bans.  They are personal and they only apply to the two persons.

Do I have to provide a reason for a RP ban?

Please share the reasons when submitting the RP Ban application. Your reasons are kept confidential and they are only to help the SIM owners to evaluate your request and the situation.

I was RP banned for no reason. And I am upset about it.

If you got a RP ban, consider yourself lucky that you were able to avoid a fruitless discussion (we do not love DRAMA, do we?). Anyway the RP ban are personal choice, and they do not require a reason for it. And if a player abuses it, then he will soon find himself not to have anybody to play with.

How long does a RP ban last?

There are different levels of RP Bans. The first time you RP ban someone, it will be Lev1. After the first bans expires, your next RP ban to the same person will become Lev2, etc. However if you RP ban the same person during their Lev1 ban, the ban will be ignored until the expiration of the first one.

Lev 1 (1 WEEK) – You two cannot interact, talk, either IC or OOC for 1 week, then hopefully you can work something out.

Lev 2 (3 WEEKS) – Same as Lev 1, but it lasts 3 weeks. It happens when the Lev 1 has expired and you submit a new RP ban.

Lev 3 (1 YEAR) – Same as Lev 2, but it lasts 1 year. It happens when the Lev 2 has expired and you submit a new RP ban.

I changed my mind and I would like to unban a person

Go back at the entrance and submit a request to RP Unban the person. The request will be processed right away and it is automatic.

How do I find out which are my current RP bans?

Just look on your SGS profile:

Or any time you wear your HUD, it will show the list of the players you cannot interact with (either from your or their request).

 If I have a RP ban with someone. He captured my friend, and I want to go and save my friend. Can I do it?

No. You cannot. The RP ban only applies to you and him. The RP ban doesn’t extend to your friends. They will have to roleplay something out without your help. Yes, RP bans are a pain, but once they are issued, you both have to respect them until expiration.

Someone RP banned me. Can I use my ALT to interact with the person who banned me?

Because the RP Bans are also OOC, no, you cannot interact with your ALTs. If you have ALTs, keep the identity of your ALTs private. However, we might know about your ALTs, and if we find out that you use ALTs to harass those players who RP banned you, then we will be forced to suspend you from accessing the region and causing more harassment. If you ignore this, and still use ALTs to interact with people who you have a RP ban with, then be aware of this.

I banned a player and he is using ALTs to harass me. What should I do?

Please RP Ban his alleged ALTs as well, and copy&paste the local chat to Baal and Kora. We cannot confirm or deny if someone is or not an ALT, for privacy reason, but we will look into the complaint.

How many RP Bans can I submit?

There is a technical limit of 12 RP Bans.

Why am I not able to submit RP Ban?

If you cannot submit any RP Ban, it means that your account has been prevented to do it again because of abuse of the system. It could be temporary or permanently.



Last modified: October 13, 2013

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