Create safe areas in the game where people can hang out without worrying about being attacked or captured.
If you are a prey in a safezone, you cannot get captured.
If you are a combatant in a safezone, you cannot get damage, but you will still able to fight (useful in group camps).
Ideally safezones should allow a player to meet with their group buddies or to have some quiet time with another player without interruptions.
They are *NOT* meant to be used to avoid losing a fight.

See Exceptions below.

How to enable a safezone

There are some spheres or other objects in the SIM that you must click to enable safezones. (see pictures below)

Some safezones apply to everybody, and some others are only specific for a group.

Once you click, everybody that qualifies within 20 meters of distance will become “Safe” (check your meter for the word “Safe”). You will stay safe within a certain perimeters. If you go farther a message in local chat will inform you that you left the safezone.

Using the safezone for the wrong reasons

Using a safezone to avoid losing from a fight is NOT a good reason.

To discourage this practice, you can only activate safezone if you are not in a middle of a fight or capture (so your stamina is not below your max stamina).

Again, while the use of safezone is good to protect some areas from constant fights, running from fights is not very honorable and is discouraged. Please remember, if you cannot tolerate losing – simply DO NOT FIGHT.

What are the safezones in the SIM?

At Kingdom of Sand we have the following safezones:

  • Auction area,
  • Physician Office,
  • Arabesque Cafe,
  • House of Pleasure.
  • Knight Camp
  • Magi Tower
  • Dungeon
  • Dark knights camp
  • Bedu Camp
  • Undead Camp
  • Slavers Camp
  • Djinn Realm

At Nomos, we created safezones at each group/race HQ.

Why doesn’t it work for me?

  • If you are OOC or Non-Combatant, it won’t work for you, because you cannot get damage anyway.
  • Are you in the right group?
  • Are you within 20 meters from the object?

I am an intruder in someone’s else homebase/HQ without a prior invitation or a reason to be there. Can I be attacked by a player whose meter is set in “safezone”?

Yes, of course you can and you will.  You may try to make up a good reason not to be attacked, but do not expect a polite treatment (tea and cookies?), if you didn’t have prior arrangements to go there. Having said that, the general combat rules still apply.  Group Camps/HQs are meant to be a retreat for the group/race, and not  a place where players get constantly attacked by other gangs/races.

Private Residences

Private Residences are to be considered OOC SAFEZONES – even though they are not scripted to be safezone.

You are not allowed to enter any private residence unless explicitly authorized or invited inside by the actual tenants.

If you are invited inside by one of the tenants, then consensual roleplay can be carried on.

You cannot use private residences to avoid combat or arrest or capture. Once combat/arrest/capture has initiated, you must stay out of your private residences.

Also if you steal money and get a money bag, you cannot run into a private residence to hide.



So far these are the exceptions:

a) the Cat O’Nine Tails is a punishment whip with low damage. It will still work in Safezone. However please be aware that it is not meant to use to grief other players in safezone, but in fact it is to be used to punish someone, and with a little in-character warning.

b) NPCs work as intended in safezone, so you can be chased by a Zombie in a safezone, and/or infected by one of virulent beings (rats, zombies, etc). Read more in VIRUS/VACCINE

c) There could be other exceptions.

Last modified: February 22, 2012