Residential Rental Agreement

Thank you for your interest in renting in Venexia or KoS or Golgothica.  We have several options available for residents.

Rates & Availability

*All apartments are unfurnished by default, except the trailers in Nomos which come pre-furnished*


LEASE LOCATION:   KoS, KoS 2, Golgothica, or Venexia

LEASE LENGTH OPTIONS:  2 through 8 weeks  (or how it is stated in the rental box at each location).  Renewable.


1.  We do not take RSVP, all units are first come first serve based on availability.  There is no refund nor exchange on the rents paid into a rental unit.

2.  Prim limits are all inclusive.  This means all your wallpaper, flooring, furniture, vehicles, and pets all count towards your total prim limit.  Also the prim limit is the number of prims allocated to the unit.  Prim limits still apply per unit. Renting multiple units will allow you to share the total prims at any of your rented locations in that sim. If you need to raise your prim limits, please use the Rental Management Menu.

2.1 Feel free to share your rental unit with a friend! You may want to add all your friends to your door, so they will be able to access your apartment at any time. You can also share prims with 1 friend or partner. By doing it, the prims of  both of you will be counted against your prim allowance/limit.

3.  Tenants will need to join “Kingdom of Sand LM” in KoS 2 or “SGS Estate” for Golgothica or Venexia. Once you pay for the rent, please contact Kora Zenovka or Baal Zobel to be added to the group. Tenants will need to set objects to the group by activating the group title while rezzing them. Rezzing prims without activating the group will autoreturn the prim to you.

4.  No commercial usage in the apartments.  All units and rentals in the apartments are intended for residential/roleplay use only. In-character businesses – limited to G$ transaction only – are admissible.

5. Although our regions are Roleplay SIM,  OOC conversation within the residential area is acceptable and at your discretion. Once you leave your apartment, please respect the SIM rules about OOC. Please wear themed clothes, appropriate for the SIM,  when you walk around outside your apartment. .

For Golgothica / Venexia residents: please take extra care with OOC chat.  In fact OOC chat would be better kept to IMs, especially if you see other players Rping within hearing distance of your room. If you are asked by Rping players to cease your OOC chat, then please comply with their wishes, this is after all an RP sim. The main purpose to rent here is so that you may have a private space to continue RP and rez some of your own furniture to enhance that RP.

5.1  No large exterior objects or builds.  No sky boxes and/or platforms.  Please keep all prims within your area.  Anything rezzed outside a building (e.g. on a terrace) should conform with the theme of the SIM. The Management reserve the rights to remove anything that are deemed obtrusive or non-conforming – at their own discretion, without notifying its owner.

6.  Be mindful of your textures and scripts usage.  As we grow, we may need to adjust this rule to address lag and other performance issues. No Textures in excess of 512×512, for example.

7.  No tenant installed scripted security and/or monitoring devices are allowed.  No temp-rez objects.

8.  We reserves the right to delete or return any objects, evict and/or ban anyone who violates these rules, without refund of their rents.  We are not responsible for any lost and/or damage of personal properties occurred anywhere within our regions due to vandals, theft, and technical glitches.  The Management reserves the right to change rental pricing and/or prim limits and/or any other terms in this contract at anytime without notice.  Please get updates of this contract frequently.

9. Some residences are reserved to a specific group/race within the sim. If you rent them, but you are not a SGS game players or you are in the wrong group, you will be asked to relocate to a place open to all groups, and if there are no other vacancy, we will offer you a refund. Reserved apartments are:

  • Catacombs (KOS): reserved to Undead ONLY
  • Apartments in the Magi Tower are reserved to Magi ONLY

10.  If you are currently renting more than 1 apartment, and you wish to relocate to one of them and leave one vacant, upon your request and on our discretion, we will transfer the remaining rental onto another.  In this case, please IM Kora Zenovka for assistance. Transfer within the same region only.

11. Prims exceeding your prim limits will be returned -OR- your prim limit will be adjusted (and so the remaining time), whatever is easier for us. Please do not exceed your prim limits. E.g. you rent a 50-prims apartment for 2 weeks, then you rezz 100 prims. If your prim limit is adjusted to 100, your rental will expire in 1 week instead of 2. Please often review your prim count in here:

12. Please note: Residents who continually rez prims in the sim outside of their rented property will be removed from the Rez permissions list. Please help keep Kos, Venexia and Golgothica a junk free zone.


  • ‘Kingdom of Sand LM’ for KOS / KOS2
  • ‘SGS Estate’ for Golgothica and Venexia

When you become a tenant, please ask Baal Zobel or Kora Zenovka to be added to the group, so you will be able to rezz prims.



Last modified: July 22, 2012

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