Business Rental Info & Agreement

Welcome to the our Second Life Shopping Area.
We currently rent stores at the regions:

  • Kingdom of Sand
  • Venexia

To rent the space, please contact Kora Zenovka or Baal Zobel to be added to the Vendor Group.
The Vendor Groups are, respectively, ‘Kingdom of Sand LM’ (for KOS ) and ‘SGS Estate’ (for Venexia) . You need to be added to these group to be able to rezz prims in the shopping area.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or anything without explanation.

Prices are subject to change, and so are the rules. If it happens, you will be notified by a Group Notice.

By renting here, you are stating that you have read the rules and agree to abide by all rules listed or face being banned from the rental system without refund.

About Content

  • All merchandise and display should be in THEME with the SIM
  • Venexia and KOS are Adult SIM, but please ask for approval if you want to show explicit content vendors.
  • No sale of architectural structure of any kind (buildings, castles, etc). Please ask, if in doubt. Thank you.

Lag Control

  • NO SCANNERS (sensors)
  • No Sound
  • All textures MUST be 512×512 or less.

Vendors with listeners, timers and those which runs high on the Top Script List will be subject of refusal. This rule is for everybody’s benefit to keep the SIM low-lag as possible.

For any questions or concerns, please send an IM to Kora Zenovka, or by email to [email protected] (if you don’t receive an answer by IM).


We may offer rebates/promotion based on SIM traffic and market trend. If the traffic is high, the stores will be likely rented at full prices. Check below for current rates. At the expiration, the store will become renewable at the current rate – either full or promotional. If you lock a low rental price, it is advisable to pay for the max number of weeks to insure to keep it as low as possible.


You are responsible to pay the rent before expiration. As a courtesy, we will send several reminders before expiration. However, we are entitled to remove your objects and prims if a payment is not received by the expiration day. If you renew after the expiration, and your shop was not closed by management in the meantime, your rental time will be adjusted. Example: if you renew 24 hours after expiration, your 1-week rental time will be manually adjusted to 6 days. Also, when the rental is expired, your space will become automatically available to other vendors that wish to rent that space.

Prim Limits

Note: Prims exceeding your prim limits will be returned or your prim limits will be adjusted (and so the remaining time) at our own discretion. Please do not exceed your prim limits. E.g. you rent a 14-prims store for 2 weeks, then you rezz 26 prims. If your prim limit is adjusted to 26, your rental will expire in about 1 week instead of 2. A remainder will be sent out if your prim limits exceed. You should also check for your prim count here:


How to Rent a Space

On the top of each rentable wall, there is a sign. Please click on it to see the rental information, or to change number of prims or to add another tenant to share prims with. If the space is available you can pay directly the sign and it will be assigned to you. When it is in your name, you can pay the sign at any time to extend your rent.


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Last modified: June 12, 2012