Duels / Challenges – Laws and Rules

Duel Board (called 'Wall of Shame' in KOS)



If you challenge another player to a duel it is only a verbal challenge.
It is not a license to attack the other player once they are in the sim.
I admit the message that the duel is on is deceptive.
But we were under the impression that people still understood that role Play was needed and, as always mutual consent considered before any combat begins.
So, If you issue a challenge you have only called the other player out.
If you are the challenged player you cannot ignore the Challenge.
At the very lest you must contact the challenger as soon as you know of the challenge to either except or refuse the duel.
A challenger has the right to seek out the challenged player and confront them with the challenge.

If the Challenge is accepted, the Duel must take place in the recognised location for a duel.
In KOS this is the City Arena
In Venexia this is the Guild Hall courtyard

If the challenge is refused then no combat takes place.
The Challenger has no rights to proceed further with any combat.

However in a role play sim, to refuse a legal challenge is to offer oneself up to some degree of shame and ridicule. Which the Challenging player is encouraged to deliver with vigour.

Please note:
There are varying degrees of severity of reason for a challenge, and therefore varying degrees of weight put upon the challenged player as to if they should or perhaps even must accept a challenge.

If you are challenging another player without a good reason but simply to prove your skill witha weapon, then the challenged player has less need to take the challenge. and little shame would follow such a refusal.
But if the challenge is to settle a matter of honor between two groups or if the challenge is in revenge for a previous attack, then the challenger should accept the duel or face serious ridicule and shame.

Once a challenge is completed through combat no further challenges or crime reports can be issued for the same crime or offense. Win or loose the matter is closed for both players.

If a challenge is refused and the challenge was issued to settle some crime or attack on anothe rplayer then the aggrieved player may still seek justice through the courts.

There are slightly different rules for KOS and Venexia
Venexia has a larger note on the RP behind challenges that is still valid except where it might seem to conflict with this update.

In venexia it is still perfectly legal for a challenger or a challenged player to elect another player to fight their challenge for them.
The out come win or loose is seen as the win or loss of the original player.


How to Submit a Duel Challenge:

  • The old Viewer 1.23 is now deprecated. Please upgrade your SL viewer.
  • Click on a Scroll (that looks not taken) at the Duel Board
  • A dialog menu will show up. Type the Player Avatar name in the text box.
  • This will send a message in the HUD and to the challenged player.

How to remove a Challenge:

  • Only the submitter can remove it.
  • Click on the specific scroll and confirm that you wish to remove the challenge.
  • After a certain amount of time, the challenge will expire and will be removed from the board automatically (after 1-2 month).


Last modified: July 16, 2012