Nomos Event Rules & Quota

Club List  and events quota per month

Alien -2 events per month
Club Industry-3 events per month
Club Pecos- 2event per month
Club Primal-2 events per month
Mars Bar-1 event per month
Slaughter Zone-2 per month
The Pit-3 events per month
Titty Twister-2 events per month
Royal Hotel Bar -1 per month
Skyway Arena 3 per month
Fight Club 3 per month
Naked Lunch-1 per month

Club Owner rules and Responsibility

1. First week of ownership of the venue the club owner must hold a event. This event must be something pertaining IC. “G” or any other prize given out for the event will be sole responsibility of the owner
2. Club owner must hire on staff to help run the club, IC taking on members and settling that they will be working at your venue.
3. Club Owner must NOT use the club in any way as a home base exclusively for there race or clan, Venues are open to every single person in Nomos. Anyone caught violating this rule by discouraging players not of their own Race or clan will have ownership removed.
4.Anyone not meeting the quota of events will be sent a reminder, those that continue to leave the club vacant will be removed from Ownership. NO Refunds.
5. All members not wearing a Nomos meter will have to wear a OOC tag set by Nomos and will not interrupt any RP.
6. Just because it is a club you will still have to follow Nomos Rules, No Gesture spamming of any sort, that goes for sound gestures as well.
7. OOC Events at some venues may be permitted, but must be discussed and agreed upon beforehand with the Nomos Club Mentor.

Ownership of any club is to be used as a RP tool. Owning a business takes dedication and commitment along with having fun. Renting it out just to look cool and not do anything will get you removed quickly.

All notecards should be sent to Beast Theas to be processed and if you are selected to rent out any of the venues you will be contacted.
Make sure your SL Name, date, and the place you are looking to rent is on the notecard title
EXAMPLE: Beast Theas,7/01/10, Slaughter Zone rental

Last modified: June 2, 2011