Strength & Agility

When you enter the Game you will have a score of 0
This means that you are Average in both Strength and Agility.
This score always seeks to return to 0.
So if you do nothing to train either of these abilities they will remain at 0.

If you begin to train either Strength or Agility, but then cease the training, the score will decrease 3 point each day until it returns to 0, Average.
It Is up to the player to continually train either Strength or Agility to gain the benefits of these Scores.

Strength and agility score can range from 0 to 100 points
Each day you train either Strength or Agility you gain 10 points until you reach the max of 100

Training the opposite skill will decrease your current highest skill to 0 before increasing the skill you are training.


Bill has 50 points Agility but decides that strength is a better option in combat
In his next training session he chooses to train Strength but does not gain Strength points.
Instead he loses 10 points  Agility at the end of the session
He can continue to train to decrease his Agility score or wait and let it drop daily 3 points.
Once his Agility reaches 0 his strength score will begin to accumulate

At 100 Strength your Combat damage score increases 10% on top of the default  damage of the weapon you are using.
At 50 Strength your combat Score increases 5% and so on.

At 100 Agility the delay between hits in combat decreases by 10%
At 50 the delay is decreased 5% and so on


Training either ability takes place in the Courtyard of the Guildhall (Venexia Only for now).
Click on the symbol at the centre of the pentagram and a Guardian will appear.
You must attack this Guardian until it disappears, then another will arise and so on until the training is completed and you get your ability point.

Last modified: November 26, 2011