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One of the main rules in our SIMs is to be RESPECTFUL and POLITE in OOC towards other people. Anyway if you read this page, something didn’t work and you are trying to find out what to do.

Note: There is a HUGE difference between OOC (Out-of-Character) and IC (In-Character). There are many players who may sound rude IC, but really nice people in OOC.

There are mostly 3 levels of actions:


  • Read the other player profiles to find out what their RP limits are -BEFORE- engaging in roleplay with them. It will likely to prevent further issues
  • If you receive an IM from another player with a request to stop, please simply comply. We encourage consensual roleplay. If you pursue forced roleplay, the other person must agree to it
  • If you are uncomfortable with a roleplay situation, please send an IM and let those players know.
  • Always be courteous. If you get upset, expect the other person to react accordingly.
  • You should NEVER feel forced to do something against your OOC will. Again, if that is the case, send an IM to those people and ask them to STOP
  • Capture is not for you? Keep yourself in neutral mode – neither predator not prey. So you won’t participate in capture.
  • Combat is not for you? Keep yourself as ‘non-combatant’ player. You won’t be able to use weapons or get damage from another player hitting you with a weapon. However, you will always be vulnerable to NPCs (non-playing characters) under certain circumstances.
  • If you don’t like to lose and get upset when you do, stay out of combat. Even if you are a strong player, you WILL LOSE sometimes



If you don’t wish to roleplay with a specific person, please use the HUD, INTERACT, and submit a ‘DO NOT ROLEPLAY’ request. That will send a message to the other player with your request. You don’t have to provide any reason to them or to SIM owners. Some people cannot just get along. There is no need to report them for abuse or anything.

You can remove people from your “DO NOT RP” list, by using the HUD again, INTERACT button, and NEUTRAL.

Check your web profile to find out who is in your current DO NOT RP list

If you receive a DO NOT ROLEPLAY request from another player and you don’t think you deserve it, sorry, but it is their rights to do so. Please be polite and do not get upset. If you retaliate or annoy this person, and ignore their request, you will get in trouble with Admins. If you want to try to be removed, sending sincere apologies or a corteous notecard to that person usually helps.

Read about RP Bans


An abuse report should be filed with us, if your request to be left alone is ignored and the annoyance doesn’t stop.

Also, you should file an abuse report with Linden Lab for harassment. From the SL viewer -> Click on “HELP” -> “REPORT ABUSE”

We don’t currently have a special form for this, but you can temporarily do it by using the Suggestion form

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Last modified: October 12, 2011