SGS Meter v2.x

SGS Meter v2.x


What info will be shown in the meter?

  • VERSION – The current version is 0.92, but we will soon release the version 2.0. The info below are for v 2.0 only
  • METER MODECombat Mode (Warrior, Default, or Non-Combatant), or OOC/Disabled or Training Mode, or Safezone, or others.
  • JOB – If you signup for employment, your current job will be displayed as well.
  • AGE – How many days have you played. Read more about “Age”.
  • SHIELD ON/OFF – If you are using a shield, it will be shown in your meter. V2.0+ only.
  • COMPLIMENTS – How many compliments you have received.
  • RANK – How many stars you have earned.
  • STAMINA – How much stamina have you got. Read more about “Stamina”. v2.0+ only.
  • PHYSICAL HEALTH – How much physical health have you got. It can be represented by bars (default) or by a percentage (condensed mode). If you are infected, a “cross” will be displayed as well.
  • CHARACTER NAME (optional) – if you picked one.
  • CUSTOM TEXT (optional) – if you type one.
  • PREY INFO/STATS (if you are a prey) – the level of difficulty for your capture, how many capture hits you got and how many a predator will need to capture you (example: [3/7]), and your preference. Read more about “Capture”.
  • CAPTURE STATUS – if you lost a fight or were captured, your status will shown you are “Prisoner of” or “Owned by” the person who won you. Read more about “Victim”.

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Last modified: May 17, 2011