Crystal at KOS

The purpose of a raid is to steal the power source from another group and disable their safe zone capabilities. After testing we may later expand this raid idea to include other stealable items from other groups such as money and food.

Click on the crystal in your camp and you will get a menu

  • Use resource
  • Schedule Raid

At the moment the Raids are implemented in KOS in Beta Testing. Feel free to try them out.

To use resources:

1) Safezone:

Click on “Use Resource” from the menu, then “Power”. Anybody with 20 meters of radius who belong to your own group will be safezoned (protected from capture). If your crystal is stolen, then your safezone will not work.

2) Food:

You will receive meal items (type: anyfood) in your inventory. If you raid base has 5 items, you will receive 5 items a day.

3) Health

You will be healed right away. It will be 10 points each health kits your raid base contains. It doesn’t matter how much is your health percentage. You can be either at 0% or 80%, the healing will work. You must have 100% of stamina. And you can heal once a day.

You can only heal or receive food items once a day. Pick what you like. And then wait another day.

To schedule a raid:

1. Sign Up for a Raid

Click on “Raid” from the menu, then you will be asked to pick a resource to steal (power , food or health), and then you will be asked what Group Base you will be stealing from. Then you will be asked to choose 3 other group members to accompany you on the raid. Only clan-leaders and co-leaders qualify to initiate a raid.

To qualify to be part of the raid squad, a player must be:

– non-Prey

– combatant mode (either default or warrior mode).

– OOC / Training / Non-Combatant will be discarded

– must be within 20 meters from the Crystal

2. Go to Enemy Camp

Now you will then have to wait 2 minutes before you can commence your raid.

Everyone in the sim will receive a warning that your raid is about to proceed on their HUD.

After 2 minutes you may go to the base which you chose to raid.

Once at the base, all those players which you chose to go on the raid with you must bump (collide) the power crystal in this base.

3. Kill the Guardian

When all 4 of you have bumped the crystal a guardian imp will rez and you must kill this guardian within 20 minutes since the raid was announced in the sim.

Also keep the Guardian within 20 meters from the Crystal. If he gets killed far away, you will not be able to get the crystal.

The Guardian will not show up if the camp doesn’t have the crystal.

4. Get the Bag and Run Away

Please note that the last person to kill the guardian will receive the bag containing the stolen items, which attaches itself to their back.

The bag carrier will not be able to fight (the script won’t allow it as long as he keeps the bag). Also if he attempts to fly, sit, teleport, or change status to avoid losing, the bag will disappear, and the stolen item will go back to the original camp. In the raid strategy, sitting with the intent to lose the bag is allowed.

This player with the help of their friends must attempt to keep this bag for 12 minutes. Although a minimum of 4 players is requested to start the raid, other ‘friends’ may also join to escort the group.

Once the bag is stolen any other group may attempt to steal it during the 12 minutes before it can be taken to any base.
Please note that each time the bag changes hands a new 12 minute period will begin.

5. Return the Bag to your Camp (after 12 minutes)

When this time is up (12 minutes later) the player carrying the bag will receive a message informing them that they can now return the stolen bag to their own base.

Once within range of the base they must then click on bag to complete the raid.

Any player who kills the bag carrier will become the new bag carrier, if this carrier is from the group from which the bag was stolen then they must protect the bag also for 12 more minutes. If they succeed in this, they will again receive a message when the time is up to return to their base and click their own crystal, at which point the raid will have failed.



We just completed a raid. How soon can we raid again?

After one raid, there is a forced delay between 3 and 5 hours. If you click on ‘Raid’ on the Menu, it will tell you how much time you have to wait to schedule the next raid. However, if your group has already 1 crystal, you will have to wait between 27 and 29 hours to schedule the next raid. That is to give more time to the groups without crystal to recover their crystal.

 We are Djinn, how do we get back to the base if we need to use the teleport? Will we lose the bag?

If you are a djinn and you need to use the teleport to go back to your camp, you need to wait until the timer on the bag is over, and then you can sit on the teleport to go back to your base.

How do we raid the Djinn camp and steal the crystal without using the teleport?

After getting the bag, the bag holder should fall from the Djinn realm (without flying). You will be able to keep the bag. The rest of the team can either fall or use the teleport.

 Can a group steal the crystal and drop it to a different group camp?

Yes, the bag holder can drop the crystal off at any camp they wish.

My group doesn’t have enough fighters and all items were stolen! It is unfair!

Your group leader or clan council should probably create alliances with other groups or hire another group to do raids for you. As we said, the treasure bag holder can drop the treasure at any camp, including yours.

Can I hide in the tent of my own camp protected by the guard?

Not all the camps have the guard, so when a treasure bag is stolen, all guards in each and every camp will be on strike for 30 minutes. Therefore, they will let anybody in and out of the tent.

Is it legal to attack without roleplay?

When the raid is announced on the HUD, the timer starts, so there isn’t time to roleplay before attack. If you start a conversation before attacking, then the timer will soon be over and the raiders will be able to sack and steal your treasure.


If you are one of the raiders, you can attack other players without roleplay if they attack you or they draw their weapon with the intent to attack you. If their weapons are not drawn, you can only attack them AFTER proper roleplay.

If you defend the crystals or the loot, you can attack the raiders WITHOUT roleplay after the raid has started and before the raid has ended. Please check on the HUD to see the correct timing. If you are still fighting with one player when the raid is over, you can continue that fight. However, if you play to fight anybody else after the raid, you must apply the normal combat rules.

I was attacked just after the raid. Is it legal?

After the bag is dropped, if some players are still fighting, they can continue.

If you are not fighting and your stamina is back up, then the normal combat rules re-apply.

If you were not in the raid, and you get to the ‘action area’ *after* the bag is dropped, you must apply the normal combat rules.

Are you not sure? Then if the other persons complain, just assume that they are right.

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Last modified: October 21, 2012

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