Metropol Bot

Metropol Bots are scripted and automated bots. There are mostly 3 type of Metropol Bots:

a) A Metropol bot is auto-generated to protect streets from wanted criminals (check on the Wanted Board at the Metropol). Those criminals have committed crimes, but not yet paid for them. They will not chase players if they are waiting for their trials, or if they are OOC.

b) A Metropol bot is rezzed by on-duty law enforcers to accompany them on the streets to chase and capture a criminal.

c) A Metropol bot is available for training purpose at the Arena. It is harmless.

Metropol bots have a health and a time limit. They can be fought and get disintegrated by using regular weapons (either melee or range weapons).

They target one person. Once they are programmed to capture a target, they don’t stop unless you get captured, the battery die or you disintegrate them.

They get damage from you and anybody else who fight them. So ask your friends to help out, if you get attacked.

If they win, you will get caged and taken to the Metropol prison. Once you get captured, they instantly die.

They have a random strength. It means that you may have more or less chances to win them.

There are several tricks to escape capture, but we are not going to tell .. If you engage in a criminal life, you will have to figure out yourself or ask to senior players.

Metropol Law Enforcers may get a bot to accompany them by using Law Enforcer Skill level 3. The dispenser is inside the Metropol. Click on the dispenser and follow instructions. Once it is spawned in-world, the bot will follow the cop and wait to be programmed. The lifespan of the bot is not unlimited and will die if not programmed.

Instructions for Metropol are HERE.

Feel free to do some bot training at the Arena. Set your meter in “Training Mode” and click on the bot dispenser. A bot will be rezzed and will chase after you.  The bot is the same as the real one.


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Last modified: August 31, 2011