SGS HUD - Self Menu

Possible options:

Give Away

If you want to become someone’s prisoner or captive, choose “Give Away”. You will have to type the full name of the avatar you wish to belong.


Whenever you get captured or lose in combat, your avatar will freeze – so you won’t be able to run away. At this point please play along if possible. However, if your “owner” leaves you alone and you want to unfreeze yourself, so you will regain the ability to move and walk, please choose “Unfreeze”.


If you are captured and wish to stop the roleplay and free yourself from your captive status, choose “Ransom”. You will be charged G$ 20. If you don’t have any money, you won’t be able to ransom out, but you should ask to another player to lend you some game money. If your “owner” is next to you, he or she will receive the ransom money.


If you are captured and don’t have any cash (G$), you may choose to fall unconscious on the ground. You will stay there on the ground for 3 minutes. But then you will be free again.


It will redirect you to some more information on the web


It will close the menu without any selection.

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Last modified: February 7, 2012