Street Life is up and running

The official News Paper for Nomos, Street Life, is now up and running.
I would like to reminder to ALL Nomos Players to make a point of always checking the latest’s posts in the paper.
From now on this is where you will find out what’s happening on the streets, Events, RP story lines, Reports on RP events, reviews of events etc etc.
So please make a point of checking whenever you can.
If you are into writing, why not write an article, you even get paid for your trouble.
All business owners and Clan leaders should also make sure their latest happenings are posted in the paper.
By this method all can share in what is going on in Nomos.
The paper can be accessed from the News boards in the Sim.
Make sure you have streaming media set in your prefs and then just click the board to get the headlines, click a headline and go direct to the web page to read the article.
There is a News Board outside the Metropol building and one outside the Street Life offices near the Naked lunch bar on Royal Avenue.
You will also find a box near both of these screens to post your note card articles in.