Meditek/Psychotek Group leader Vacancy

Meditek and Psychotek have been silent for a while now as many of you will have noticed.
This is due to the fact that they are quite big problems to solve and we have been busy with other things.
However, we are now actively looking for People who are interested in running either of these two branches of the Metrotek Corporation.
Being linked to 2 of the 3 main “scores” in the Game Meter, Mental health and Physical health, they are very important to the correct functioning of the game, the third element is Ethos, looked after by Metropol.
We therefore need good leaders for each branch, people who are less interested in their own personal RP goals and more  into organising and overseeing the other players who enter the group.
We do not want Clan leaders who wish to build up a network of friends, or people who get so in involved in RP they forget to play the game.
As the groups are closed application only, you would be responsible for dealing with the applications in a fair and unbiased way. But at the same time making sure the applicants are the type of players for the position. We need people who know the game well and are regular players with plenty of time to spare to put in to building up these essential groups.
You would be in charge of running and organising RP within the Bedlam complex, and allocating roles to other players in the group
Being able to  communicate with us is essential.
Being able to communicate with all other branch leaders of Metrotek is also essential.
If you want to take on Meditek you should at least have some good experience of Medical RP.
If you want to take on Psychotek you should have some good experience of Psychological/Mental hospital RP.
These branches of the company are not supposed to be working for Christian aid or such like, so the first priority of  the Medics is not a love of humanity and healing. Rather we want people who are dedicated to the corporation, which is far more concerned with making money by Medical and psychical Research, by any means necessary, however un ethical the methods used might seem.
All MetroTek branches are predator groups, we feel this has not been stressed enough, to the detriment of the correct functioning of the game. So you will need to have a Predator Mentality to function well in the position.
Of course, the usual day to day healing and counseling goes on within these institutions, but beneath all this people go missing, or at least parts of them, after supposedly routine operations.
People go insane, when they just checked in for some headache pills etc etc.
So Your character needs to be something akin to a highly intelligent Psychopath.
Check out the portrait of the asylums founder, Dr Phobos Paine, in the Asylum head office for ideas on mental state needed.
If this kind of slightly twisted RP is not your cup of tea then the job is possibly not for you.
Meditek, Psychotek and Metropol are Rp Groups which are based to a high degree on subordination to superiors. If you cannot follow orders or are disruptive in hierarchical systems then these groups are probably not for you. You would be a tool of the Corporation, A very important tool. But you are also protected by the Corporation. Which in Nomos is the Law.
If you are interested please send a note to Baal.

Big Apologies to anyone who has been trying to sign up for these groups in the past few weeks, we hope to have them functioning well again very soon.