Combat Flying Carpet Tournament

12:00pm (NOON)
Ireem Desert in KOS

– Anybody can partecipate. Dress in theme.
– You can race alone or in a team up to 4 people
– If you are alone, you will have to both pilot the carpet and shoot at your avversaries

– Any passengers (including pilot) will be able to shoot by entering in Mouselook and clicking on the MOUSE.
– You will hear a sound when you shoot
– You will read a message in local chat to see if you hit anything and the amount of inflicted damage.
– No need to wear any specific weapon. The vehicle is scripted to shoot.

– Your carpet has an armor/health of 100%.
– Your carpet will lose health by being hit either from other carpets or from people shooting from the ground
– Your carpet will inflict damage by clicking on the mouse and shooting in Mouselook view or by colliding people on the ground
– You will be able to restore your carpet’s armor by colliding the magic health ball you will see in the sky.

– In the tournament, you can also hire/engage your friends from the ground to shoot at your avversaries (either on the ground or on the carpet)
– If they shoot at your carpet, you can try to skip the arrows/bullets or just collide on them (and they will lose health).
– Any strategy is okay.

– If your carpet loses control and you and your passengers get ejected, you will lose
– Last carpet standing will win.

– You can train from now on by clicking on a jar in the desert and rezz  a carpet and find someone else willing to train with you.

Commands to fly this carpet (type in LOCAL CHAT):
Type /77 START in local chat to begin moving.
Type /77 STOP in local chat to stop moving.
PgUp/PgDn or E/C = hover up/down
Arrow keys or WASD = forward, back, left, right
Left click on mouse (in MOUSELOOK) to shoot
Type /77 HELP in local chat to display help.
Enter MouseLook to start shooting (magic spells) to hit other carpets.
Max altitude 150 meters

All passengers of the last standing carpet will win a CHAMPION SWORD
The champion sword is the biggest sword available and it is scripted to be slightly more powerful than any other weapon.
The champion sword will expire after one month.
This sword is available on display in the game room.