How to Complain

If you want to complain, read this first.
Many complaints get discarded because they don’t meet the basic requirements. So if you intent to complain, make sure that you comply with the basic requirements listed here.

I have read all the combat rules for the SGS sim in which I wish to play.
I will play by these rules to the absolute best of my knowledge and understanding of them.
I understand that the makers of the rules NEVER ignore complaints.
And always register ALL rule breakers even though there may appear to be no action taken in certain cases
If I am found to have deliberately broken these rules I realise that I will :
1. Receive a warning.
2. Have my weapons disabled for a period of time.
3. Receive a temporary ban from the sim
4. Receive a permanent ban from the sim.

Fuelling the fire.
In any OOC dealings with other players concerning the breaking of rules I will NEVER use insults or any words in any language that might cause offence.
This includes all so called swear words.
I realise that any use of such language will ALWAYS inflame the situation and cause unnecessary Drama.
I realise that any complaint I make about another player or any complaints received about me that contain any of the above, so called, bad language or insults will seriously damage my complaint, or my defence, should the complaint be about me.

Before complaining:
I will make sure my alcohol or substance consumption has not impaired my judgement or my actions.
I will make allowances and adjustments to my tolerance levels should I be having a bad day.
I understand that it is up to me to be reasonably tolerant of other players.
Even those who appear to break rules.
I will always attempt to reason with another player before I resort to an official complaint.
If the other player apologies I will accept the apology and move on.
If the incident has upset me I will allow myself to calm down before attempting to talk to the other player, or complain to an admin.

If I believe I have a valid complaint about another player I will:
1. Cease all combat even if I continue to be attacked.
2. Check that the offending player is aware of the rule they are breaking.
3. If no, I will direct them to the note card or web page where the rules can be found
5. If yes, I will warn them that if they continue I will report them
6. NOT announce my grievance in Public chat, or argue with the offender in any public place.
7. I will move away from the area of conflict ASAP and proceed with the report.

Filing the complaint.:
When I file a complaint about another player I will:
1. State clearly the full name of the player and Exactly which rule I believe they are breaking.
2. Send an unedited LOG of any RELAVANT role play proceeding and following the combat.
This should demonstrate that I have proceeded as stated in the sections above.
3.Understand that filing a complaint does not in any way guarantee punishment for the accused, or give me free licence to complain in public chat about the admins.