Update 22 February

18-22 February 2010

Most of the updates in the last days has been done mostly to adapt certain functions to Nomos.

More development done to adapt the game for Nomos.
A few minor changes for KOS too, such as ‘Orgasmic’ mental level is now ‘Heightened’.
The update is optional for KoS, but you may want to get it anyway.

SGS Updates are available in the Game Room, at the Entrance. There is a HUD UPGRADE sign on the Wall.
Click on it and get the new upgrade.

Added new function: TRANSFER
You may now transfer money from your bank account to another player bank account.
This is the best and safest way to transfer large amount of money.

For those of you running a business at Ireem, you will notice an increase of revenue due to
the sales of the hejira and alcohol (G$2 goes to your cash till every time it is paid for).

Cash till added to the Library

I rewrote the script for the dance machine, and it is a now a little jewel of code. 🙂
Also we can run all the animations anywhere in the SIM. I am particularly proud of this, although
I am the only one to be able to enjoy the beauty of the code 😉
Anyway the Arabesque, Bedu Camp, Palace and Eventus Isle at KoS have now the new Dance Jars.

If you want to change species, you will *not* lose your scores or skills anymore.
However you will be charged G$ 350 into your bank account (if you don’t have enough money there, you
will go in debt – negative balance).
The only data you will lose is your clan affiliation and/or your clan leadership.
Then you may form another clan within your new group.
To change species, there is a jar in the Game Room.
ps: The reason we apply a ‘game fee’ is to discourage the abuse of species switching
every 5 minutes.

The skills previously named as ‘Law’ has become ‘Justice’.
A ‘Law’ skill was also added – different scope – to be used in Nomos.
This is just to explain if you see a ‘Justice’ skill in your profile instead of ‘Law’.