Update 4 March

28 February – 4 March 2010

SGS RELEASE 0.62, 0.63, 0.64
– Rewritten part of the API/functions to optimize the code
– Safezones may be applied to multiple groups
– You cannot eat or restore your physical health if you are OOC.
– The announcements on the HUD handle individual messages too (internal function).
– Minor bugfixes

Most of the actual changes apply to Nomos only, but you should upgrade anyway next time you enter the SIM.
The Upgrades are available for FREE at the Game Room, up in the SKy Entrance.

RP BANS (now limited to 1 WEEK)
We think that many RP bans are not meant to be forever, and right now unless you unban someone, they will stay in your
ban list forever. Also you won’t be able to unban them unless they are nearby.
Since we believe in people’s good nature and willingness to forgive and move on, we will make the RP bans
expire after ONE WEEK. In the meantime, we hope that you have worked something out between the two of you.
After a week, the roleplay should resume to normal. And we hope in everybody’s effort in making this possible.
If you want to keep the RP ban, you will have to resubmit it through the HUD and one more week will be added.

ps: Check on your web profile to see the current status of your RP bans. Thank you!

The code for all the individual items and employment register have been updated. A few important info:
( 1 ) Some items, such as combat, psychic and justice ONLY works when your status allows you to.
For example, if you are owned by someone else, you won’t be able to use these items.
If you are OOC, or Non-Combatant, or your Mental is zero, or your Physical is zero, a message will tell you
that you don’t qualify.
( 2 ) Combat and Psychic items now attach by default on the Left Hand (as they should)
( 3 ) The values of Psychic, Combat, Armor have been increased. Check on them now.
( 4 ) The channel to type your message when you use the skill item is now random. Read the local message to find out
what to type in local chat.
( 5 ) The skills of Law and BioMech had been added (although these don’t affect KOS).
( 6 ) The delay to take the items before they get deleted has been increased to 6 minutes (if it wasn’t like that before).

All the individual info are now on the web. There is an individual link for each of them.


And all the invidual links on the left menu.

Please IM Kora Zenovka if you find problems.

( 1 ) Businesses now gain directly the profits from the card game (and of course losses).
So if you run a business with the card game, take a look at your cash till.
It is possible that you may get a negative balance (if you get really lucky players).

( 2 ) Archangel Azrael is back. After a long vacation, the guard of the catacombs, Archangel Azrael, is back at work.
He is in charge of keeping the intruders away. Watch out!

( 3 ) The KOS Dungeon is now shared by both Knights and Palace Guards. It is safezones for both of them.
Also the cell doors can be open by any of them. (suggested by Joris Hudson)

Ireem Chronicles: http://ireemchronicles.blogspot.com
SGS website: http://www.socionex.com
KOS Blog: http://kingdomofsand.blogspot.com