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Slaves Head Inn Owner – 2nd round of voting

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

The top 2 candidates were :
Duc Zenfold and andrea Alphaville
If you have already voted for either one of them, there is no need to vote again, but if you did not, or you haven’t voted yet, please vote it again. The voting book is just outside the Inn. Any Ireem resident (any race/group) may vote for this.

Apothecary is up for ownership! You vote

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

There are 12 candidates: Duc Zenfold, Alina Furuseth ,Rukulem Resident, Nena Easterwood, Phedre Rae, Willow Namir, XxXGabrielXxX Darkfold, Roan Ocelot, Lola Kristan, Connor Snowpaw, Rafael Fabre, and Habit Koray.
Venexians may now vote for the Vampire they wish to run the Apothecary here. The voting scroll is outside the Farmacia, and you can click on it and pick the name of your favorite vampire 🙂

Butcher up for Ownership! You decide!

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Another business up for ownership !|
If you are a Venexian now, you can choose you you want your Butcher to be. Here are the candidates: Liesel Shingleton, Rachel Tapioca, Aella Falconer, Narayanna Resident, and Hanaatiya Resident. Make your choice. Voting scroll is outside the store.
1st round will end next weekend. Please vote! 🙂

Owner of the Bakery? You decide!

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Inhabitants of Venexia will decide who is going to run the Bakery.There are 11 candidates for this position: kaillea Silverweb, Maranda Azalee, Lirynn Kenin, Hershey Munster, Pushka Damour, Roscoe Viper, Geniviere Svenson, Narayanna Resident, Seramine Dirval, Lilley Firelight, and Aradia Enoch. Please make your choice at the scroll sign outside the bakery.
Your vote is IMPORTANT! Votes are anonymous. 1st round of voting will last until next weekend.

Chief Doctor – You vote!

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Candidates as Chief Doctor: Rachel Tapioca, Mila Belgar and
Bokuden Fall. Other candidates were disqualified because they were not Human. If you are a Venexia player, please vote whoever you wish to become the Venexia Chief Doctor and running the office.
Thank you!

Who is the next Fishmonger? You VOTE

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

The candidates are: Menja Slade, Spook Frugel, and xShinichiKudo Resident. Inhabitants of Venexia are invited to make a preference and vote. The voting sign is at the fish stall.

Slaughtered Lamb Owner – You VOTE!

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

The candidates are: Kikikrissy Kirax, Panda Xstar, Sirian Lane,
Taya Velinov, Pushka Damour, Aella Falconer, Sedina Yalin, and Sweetnessandlight Resident. The other candidates were disqualified because they were not Paesani.
To vote, you should go to the tavern and vote at the sign outside. Next weekend we will pick the top 2 candidates and run another round of voting.

Who is going to run the Green Dragon Tavern? You VOTE

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Inhabitants at Venexia may not vote for the member of the Borghesia who they wish to run Green Dragon Tavern. Eligible candidates are now: Evie Hawklord, juliet Avon, Naiya Valeska,
Narayanna Resident. 3 Candidates were disqualified because didn’t belong to the Borghesia.

SGS HUD/Meter v 3.09 Release

Friday, November 18th, 2011

This contains some last minute code tweaks for the Magick system.  Also when you use an inventory item , you don’t need to type the full name of the target. You can simply type a few letters and the code will match the avatar name with it.
This upgrade is mandatory.
Upgrades are free and available in the game room at the entrance of the SIM.

Human Weapons, What can I wear on the streets?

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Here is a list of allowed weapons that human players can wear Visibly on their Avatar
Vampires cannot challenge these weapons when being worn by humans
These may be considered work tools and ignored, even though some may in reality look rather more than that.
We may add more in a the next few weeks.

All low Damage weapons,
Broom coming soon
Sword Cane
Dual Claven
Dual Daggers
Hunting knife
Woodsmans Axe  Coming Soon
Hidden Cuff Knife coming soon

Ifyou are wearing a none scripted weapon for show then the guidline is that it should either be a tool of some kind, like a hammer or rake. Or it shoudl be small enough not to cause concern I.e, a small knife.

Other weapons may be owned and used in combat according to the human Combat rules
But should be either hidden while on the streets or disguised in some way.
You may also wear the weapins and take your chances, maybe hiding them when a vampire appears.
Or you may wear them defiantly. But if challenged you are obliged to either Remove them or run!

Weapons Tweaked and Balanced

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

And I am reliably informed that the weapons have now been tweaked and Balanced to function much better.
So go try them out on your enemies now!

New combat move we forgot to mention ;D

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Oh BTW Kora forgot to mention that there is now a block move you can use in combat.
Some people make a great fuss when they make tiny changes to their game meters, but hey, we make so many we forget J
To use this move hold down the left Mouse button and press the C key.
This will reduce by 50% any hit that your opponent scores on you while you hold the block.
But you will at the same time loose 2 points of Stamina per hit.

SGS HUD v 3.07 upgrade

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

2 small bugfixes:
a) if you were aging 1 day, your HUD screen wasn’t showing the updated info.
b) If you used a minor arcana, the spell would target the closest avatar instead of your target.
The upgrades are always free, and available at the Game Room at the entrance of the SIM.
This is a minor update, so not mandatory, but you should update it if you have the chance.

Humans and Combat Essential Facts

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Human Combat.

Please note that Vampire Stamina is at max 1200 and human at 900 this is to simulate the extra strength of the Vampire, so theoretically the Vampire has an extremely good chance of  winning any encounter.
This has to be, if you don’t like it don’t play Human.
Although the option for warrior mode is still enabled for Humans please do not use it. You should have no use of it.

Paesani Combat:

Paesani are the Hunted.
Any Vampire who approaches them to feed should not take for granted they will get their meal on a plate. Of course it is entirely up to the individual Paesani player how they proceed with the approach. Most I feel would submit. However they are not pathetic blood donors that can be used like the bottles of blood outside the Café. If you want to feed from them you MUST expect to RP the whole encounter. If the Paesani decides to run away the Vampire can chase, and can possibly expect to have to fight for their food. If you are a Vampire who does not like combat and your Paesani sandwich decides to do a runner and is carrying a sword, then simply do not chase it.
This is Why the Vampire chose this method of encounter TO HUNT. IF they wanted a passive meal  they would choose Borghesia Rental.
However Paesani Cannot initiate Combat.
When approached for feeding they must make a decision to allow feeding (they can of course make a big fuss in RP and complain passively),
or to Run.
There lot is to run.
The Law requires that they must first RUN, they are the hunted remember.
They are only allowed to be free because they agree to be passively bitten or RUN.
They can only Resist with combat when cornered, as would any wild animal in such a situation.
Any Human who stands ready to fight without first running may have the force of the Court called upon them, this means that any and all Vampires in the Court who can should flock up the Human and ravage them.
This is the  law and the way humans are kept in their place.
I get very tired of trying to explain the Human position in Venexia to a small minority who still want to play the fearless Vampire hunters, and the “No Vampire is telling me what to do” types. Look people you are in the wrong group , wrong City, wrong Sim. This sim is about an oppressed Race called humans. Breed for food. Go find another sim if you want to simply cause trouble by kicking up a fuss every time you get approached by a Vampire.


I really do not want to see Humans dressed like Ninjas with weapons sticking out all over them.
Paesani can own a low damage weapon and wear it without any trouble.
They may use this weapon in defence should they decided to run from any Vampire who attempts to feed from them
Paesani can own normal damage weapons but if they wear them they will be treated with suspicion by all Vampires, and can be openly questioned in the street. Even asked to remove the Weapon in RP.
Please understand the logic of this from a role play perspective.
You are an oppressed race in a City full of arrogant hungry Vampires. There is no way they would allow the oppressed people to carry dangerous weapons openly in the streets.
Simply imagine Venexia as any occupied country during WW2 and imagine what would happen to the oppressed villager walking around with a machine gun sticking out of his belt if spotted by the Gestapo

Borghesia  Combat

Borghesia do not fight.
They can wear Low damage weapons without any trouble
They can use these weapons to defend themselves if attacked by non renting Vampires.
But they should of course report the Vampire as well for breaking the Court Law.
They should not wear normal Damage weapons.
They have chosen to except their lot as mentioned in other notes.
It would therefore be contradictory for Borghesia to wear normal weapons.
If a Vampire sees a Borghesia wearing a normal Damage weapon they may apply to the Court to have the Humans struck from the Court Register making them Paesani.
Borghesia do not have to run because they cannot be fed upon randomly in the street.
Vampires! If a Borghesia reminds you of their position in Court then leave them be!

Blood Gaunts

Blood Gaunts do not fight or carry weapons
they want to be bitten.

The Slaves Head Inn – VOTING starts!

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Who would you like to become the owner of the Inn?
The candidates are now: Duc Zenfold, relic Veeper,  Aella Falconer,  keris Greymoon, andrea Alphaville, Icy Aura, and Lilley Firelight. The other candidates were disqualified because they didn’t meet the requirements.
VOTE VOTE VOTE! The choice is yours.

Redelivery Issues

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

If you had problem to get an upgrade, please try it again.
My servers at Golgothica handle all the redeliveries/upgrades. However it seems that the region had some issues, because I was also unable to save any script.
Anyway, I ended up to restart the region. I think that it should be allright now, but if you get an error message, saying that there is a network issue etc, please IM me. Thank you.

Ban on Cross SGS sim criticism

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

We have had reports of Players from one of our sims using the public chat of that sim to criticise another of our sims. This is clearly unacceptable.
This is kind of behaviour is totally banned from all public Chat in any sim. Besides it being an offensive way to act towards me and Kora, you should know that the harm you do to one sim will eventually reflect on all the others.  Please do not do it, or we will have to take drastic action to stop those that do.

SGS v 3.05

Friday, November 11th, 2011

This was a quick update. No changes in the HUD/Meter. The knuckleduster and the capture cane has been upgraded to the new weapon code.

Rules Reminder

Friday, November 11th, 2011

May I once again ask that people read the Rules, you don’t have to read them all at one time, but definitely if there is something you do not understand then read them first. Do not assume that other people know. If your subject does not appear to be directly on the board work backwards and find a category that it might be in. I.e. You want info on Blood Gaunts. There is no Category on the board but they are a human Group so check out the Human notes,
There are many aspects of the game that need tweaking and possibly completely changing. These we will discover and alter if need be, but please give us time. If you come here and find something you do not like then don’t assume it is written in stone. Give us a chance to be open a few days before making judgements. It was inevitable there would be a lot of confusion for a the first few weeks. Its unavoidable. Just give us time and we will work together to get it right. In the mean time your constructive feed back to Coven Leaders and Admins is welcome.
the role Play Rules are on on the right hand side of Meter vendor in the Landing area.

To Bite or Not to Bite, a Rough Guide to Food Types for Vampires and Humans

Friday, November 11th, 2011

To bite or not to bite, a rough guide to food types for Vampires and Humans.

Much of the Following can be found in the Notes
But I am sending out this note of clarification  because there seems to be some confusion on the streets.
Pass it around please. Especially to anyone who seems to be breaking these rules.

Special Note:
The justice system will most likely be the last system to get up and running correctly.
In order for it to work the Coevn leaders must establish Rule in the city.
As they are at the present time still forming their Covens please do not expect too much of them
We apologise if in the first week or so crimes go unpunished etc we will get it functioning ASAP
You can still report crimes however and what can be done will be done.


All humans agree to be food for vampires.
They can make it hard for the Vampire, but in no way can refuse to be bitten.
If you really have a thing about Vampires and want to wipe them from the face of the earth, Join the Vordensian Sabat as a Vampire.
Whatever you do, don’t argue the toss with me about why humans should be allowed to kill Vampires.
I don’t need it.

All humans can choose Prey or Neutral mode
All Modes require role play
There is no “forced Capture” you are always in control.
Prey does not in any way mean you have to go along with sexual game play.
However if this is the case, then why not consider a safer path through life here and Join the Borghesia

Prey: means you are pretty much up for being chased captured and enslaved in the usual Capture role play fashion, you like the idea of being hunted by Vampires and the RP of  being captured and bitten in the streets and alleys of Venexia.
Neutral: means you may still be open to capture but you are far more likely to demand lengthy RP and storylines to go along with the possible capture, but you still agree to the bite if RP evolves that way.
Neutral does not mean:  I can be a human who can avoid Vampires and play my own human game as the local store owner oblivious the world around me .
This is a Vampire sim full of hungry Vampires.

There are tow basic groups of humans
As explained in the notes, this division was originally born of  wealth. But in recent times wealth has become more meaningless in the human world. Therefore, it does not necessarily follow that you must be from an aristocratic family to be in this group. You can be Borghesea but from a poorer background.
However, the Aristocracy still tend to claim this Group as their own, and therefore the old aristocracy before the fall of human rule still frequent it more than lower classes.

The Menu

Paesani :
Have chosen not to enter the Court Blood system therefore the Vampires do not accord to them the same rights as they do to the Borghesia.
Paesani can be approached on the street by Vampires who wish to feed
Should they decide to run, they can be chased and captured etc according to the above rules.
Paesani Can be taken captive by Vampires
Paesani Cannot call upon Court law to protect them from, or prosecute those Vampires who attack them. Obviously al though beyond the RP laws of the Court, does not mean beyond the rules of play of the sim.
Paesani have chosen freedom from the Court but there is a price to pay and they must be prepaired to pay it.

Borghese :
Have chosen to tow the line so to speak.
They see no real advantage in the small gain of a false kind of freedom.
They know the bite will come at regular intervals anyway, so why not have some control over when.
All Borghesia will at some point appear on the Rental board in the entrance to the Guild Hall.
If a Vampire chooses to rent them from this board they will automatically be owned by this Vampire Player.
The Borhesia player should then go to this Vam[ire player and the Vampire may feed from them.
The Vampire should after feeding release the rented player.
Failure to release after feeding can result in fines.
Failure to report to the player renting can also result in fines or worse.
Vampires Be reasonable, if you rent you may IM the rented player but you cannot TP them to you. You must go find them or tell them to find you.
Understand that you cannot say” I am busy in RP I cannot come yet” This IS RP, the fact that being rented spoils your RP conversation is part of the conversation, you say
“Oh damn, I have been rented by the Court I have to leave”
And all those present will understand and feel sad for you, for it reminds them of their own chains, each time it happens.
Borghesia may of course choose to lengthen the time spent with the Rentee, and embellish the play in any manner they wish.
But NO sexual play is inherently implied in the renting process, all is optional.
Borghesia have the right to Complain to a Coven leader if one of their Coven members attacks them or attempts to feed from them.
If they get no justice here they may complain to another leader from a different Sabat, I am sure they would like nothing better than to prosecute another Sabat.
They should expect that Vampire to be punished, probably a fine, for breaking Court law.
Borghesia players should pester coven leaders who do not follow through with their complains.
Borghesia can theoretically in RP be owned by a single Vampire.
But they cannot escape their obligation to be rented as food.
Neither Can the owning Vampire Player complain should their Borghesia be called by the Court for rent.
Please try to see this as the tradition of the city and not as some rule you do not like.
You chose Borghesia to have some little control over your status as food
To stop the constant random attacks by just any Vampire in the street
This is a very small price to pay, and should throw up a wealth of RP situations.

Blood Gaunts
Blood Gaunts are state owned
they will gladly sell you thier blood
No need to attack them
In fact attacking them may get you in trouble with the prison Governor Baal
The meanest Norferati on the Block.
Don’t forget they are always on tap in the prison cells.