Poker Game – Wed 5pm SLT

Recon you can be the champion of the poker table?
Why not find out, Come down to the Royal Wednesday Afternoon at 5pm SLT
For a fun filled Poker fest.
For the chance to win 500G$, heres what you gotta do.
Send a message to Diseased sugarplum.
There is an entrance fee of 100G$ But hurry, thers only 10 places.
Also if your not a poker player, come along and just have afew drinks and watch, you might learn a thing or two!

Diseased Sugarplum

Basics of poker and texas hold ’em

Disclaimer: This tutorial comes with no guarantee of being correct. Feedback about errors is welcome.


Poker is played using the standard english 52 cards deck, made up of 4 “suits”:


– spades (♠)
– clubs (♣)


– diamonds (♦)
– hearts (♥)

Each suit is made of 13 “ranks” (2 to 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace). The Ace can either be the lowest or the highest card.

An important element of the poker game is the “poker hand”, a combination of 5 cards. Two different hands can be equal valued, or one hand can be better than the other.
among 2 hands of the same “kind”, the better hand is the one with higher cards. The order of the cards is irrelevant.

The following possible hands exist, in descending order of value:

Straight Flush – all 5 cards are the same suit, and are in increasing order one after another (for example: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, all diamonds)
Four of a kind – 4 cards of the same rank (for example, 4 jacks)
Full House – 3 cards of the same rank, and 2 cards of the same, different, rank, for example: 4, 4, 4, K, K
Flush – all 5 cards of the same suit (for example, all hearts)
Straight – all 5 cards have incrementing ranks, but are not all of the same suit, for example: 8, 9, 10, J, Q
Three of a kind – 3 cards have the same rank, for example: 5, 5, 5, A, 8
Two Pair – 2 cards have the same rank, and another 2 cards have the same, different, rank, for example: Q, Q, 5, 5, 10
One Pair – 2 cards have the same rank, for example: A, A, J, 10, 4
High card – none of the above, the hand’s value is decided by the highest card.

The aim in poker is to maximize one’s own chips by betting according to one’s own (known) hand, and other’s (unknown) hands.

Each player has an amount of “chips” which are used to bet with.

poker gameplay (such as a tournament) is divided into “hands”, during which the players play with one hand – before each hand, players get dealt new cards.
(so, the term “hand” has 2 meanings). A player cannot see the cards of other players.

in Texas hold ’em, the most well known variant of poker, players only have 2 cards for themselves (called “hole cards”); up to 5 cards are shown on the table, and shared by all players, these are called the “community cards”. a player’s “hand” consists of the best possible hand (of 5 cards) to be made with his 2 hole cards, and the community cards combined.

for example Alice’s hole cards may be: J, 5. the community cards may be: 5, 5, 6, 7, 8. Alice has a three of a kind with fives. Bob has hole cards: 4, A, so he has a straight. In this case, Bob has the better hand.

A “hand” (as in, the timeframe in the game) is divided into betting rounds. During a betting round, each player, one after another, gets a turn to make a move.

The following betting rounds happen in each hand:

– pre-flop: no community cards are shown; players bet only according to their holecards
– flop: after the pre-flop has finished, 3 community cards are shown, and players bet accordingly
– turn: the 4th community card is shown, and players bet again
– river: the 5th community card is shown, and players bet again

If the hand is still going, then “showdown” happens: the holecards are shown, and the player with the best hand wins all chips bet in this hand.
the hand also ends if all players except one gave up earlier (“folded”), then the remaining player wins the chips.

While the betting round goes, each player has an “investment” into this round – the chips bet so far. in order to progress to the next betting round, all players must have an equal investment.

– fold: give up, lose one’s chips bet so far. can be done if one doesn’t think he can win the hand.

– call: bet so as to make one’s investment in the hand equal to that of the other players

– raise: increase one’s investment into the hand to be above that of others; now others have to match this again (by calling or raising), or fold.

DISCLAIMER (From Kora Zenovka)

From an extract of the Linden Lab TOS:

It is a violation of this policy to wager in games in
the Second Life (R) environment operated on Linden Lab
servers if such games:

(1) rely on:
(a) chance or random number generation to determine
a winner,  OR
(b) the outcome of real-life organized sporting


(2) provide a payout in
(a) Linden Dollars, OR
(b) any real-world currency or thing of value.

G$ (our ‘fantasy’ game currency) has ABSOLUTELY NO real-world value and it DOES NOT represent any currency against you can obtain ‘things of value’. Therefore SGS does not violate rules of the Linden Lab TOS.

Any attempt of purchase or sale G$ against L$ or any other real-world currency is therefore in violation of the SGS rules and will be reported to Linden Lab. We will also ban those players from our regions and the game.