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Knight Leader – You may now vote!

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

The election starts now. Only knights may vote. The vote costs 20G$. You are allowed to vote again, if you change your mind (but only your last vote will be counted). If you have ALTs, only one vote will be allowed for person, so please don;t waste your money and our time by trying to vote with your ALTs as well. Please read the chronicles to find out more about the candidates. Most of them released an interview to the editor of the paper.

There are 11 candidates, so this round of voting will pick the top 2 candidates and we will run another election next weekend to pick the final winner. If there is a tie, maybe there will be 3.
You have time until Monday to vote. Some time on Tuesday I will close the voting and I will announce who are the top 2 runner-up for the final election.

Knight Leader Election Update

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

There are 11 candidates for this election:
Mathias Brucato, nino Hazelnut, Corum McConaught, Avery Allegrant, YoYo Treves, LaDana Ruby, Mary Wind, Palmira Bluebird, Frosty Shamen, Sue Windstorm, Samira Sabahi.
Candidate Signups are now closed. If you are a candidate please contact the editor of the Chronicles as soon as possible for an interview or give a statement. 1st round of voting will start next weekend. Knight Leader Ad-Interim is Falcon Crescendo.

Knight Leader Election

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Next steps:
a) tomorrow we will close the candidate signups.
b) candidates are advised to contact the Chronicles Editor and release an interview or give them a statement about why they should be voted
c) the voting will start next Saturday. Only knights can vote.
d) Voting will be closed after 3 days.
e) Top 2 candidates will be picked.
f) A second election will run with only those 2 candidates.