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Candidates for Group Leaders, please signup!

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

If you wish to become the Group Leader for Djinn, Undead, Priests or Magi, please signup to the board at the individual group bases.
Then please contact the editors at the Ireem Chronicles to release an interview or arrange some sort of press conference, if you wish to do so.
Election will start next weekend.
Good luck everybody!

KOS Referendum – Results

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

What was the referendum about?

This KOS referendum is about  group leadership.
We asked:
“Would you rather have:
1) An election to nominate one leader for your group (e.g Slavers, Undead, etc)
2) Keep the current status quo. No changes for your group.”

If the majority of your group voted in favor of an election, your group will have one.
If not, no changes will apply to that group.

Result of Referendum:

Bedouins – Large Majority voted for “No Changes”
Citizens – Majority Voted for “No Changes”
Dark Knights – Not Enough Votes
Djinn – Large Majority voted for “Election”
Magi – Large Majority voted for Election
Mammal – not enough votes
Merfolk – Large Majority voted for No Changes
Pirate/Slavers – Majority Voted for “No Changes”
Priest – Small amount of votes, but unanimous vote for “Election”
Slaves – Not enough votes
Undead – Unaninimous vote in favor of “Election”

There were a few votes for Palace/Knights, and they were discarded, since those groups have already a leader.

So to summarize these groups will have elections to nominate a group leader:
Djinns, Magi, Priests and Undead

Also to each election, we will add a candidate called ‘No Leader’. This is in case you wanted a group leader for your group, but then the only candidate for the election is someone you don’t want as leader.

The signs for signing up as candidates will be out today at each group camp.

Music Stream Controller

Friday, March 25th, 2011

If you run a club in Nomos, you can use the Music Controller to switch music stream. All code has been updated with more non-commercial music streams and also the ability to add a custom URL (when you run live events with a DJ). Also the co-owner can switch music stream. Just remember, now Nomos shares the same music stream in the SIM, so please return to a regular music stream after an event. Thank you.

Slot Machines and Card Games

Friday, March 25th, 2011

The odds of winning at slot machines and card games in KOS and Nomos have been adjusted based on some players’ feedback. It should be more balanced now.
Let me know.
ps: Because we don’t use any valuable currency, playing the odds in our SIMs is still compliant with the SL TOS, and it is not considered gambling.

Prims and Parcels

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Since Nomos needs constant monitoring over the prim limit, we need to simplify the parceling. Keeping track of all the small parcels around the sim is quite difficult. So I will go ahead and join the parcels. The clubs will share the music streams, so it means that you can switch the music streams for an event, but please switch back to the default music streams after the event.


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Nomos2 has moved today. So whoever has still an active rental in Nomos2 will be reimbursed. If you wish to continue to rent an apartment in Nomos, there are now several different accommodation types in Nomos (the main SIM).
Uncle Ansome will take care of the reimbursement.

SGS v 0.92

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Small change. The randomness of combat dice should apply to the damage inflicted too, so I made the damage value as random number.
Small change, but it has already been released, if you wish to try it out.
The updates are all free and available at the Game Room at the entrance of the SIMs.

Nomos RP Stores – First come, first serve

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

We opened up the remaining vacant businesses to first come first serve. If you are interested in running any of them for roleplay, please go and rent them yourself 🙂
If you have a problem , IM me….

SGS v. 0.91 Upgrade

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

We just released a new upgrade.
You are now able to set yourself as Non-Combatant (yes, it is back). However, if you cause a conflict or enter a dispute, you will be asked to use combat dice (built-in in the HUD).
The loser will lose 6 health points each time they roll a dice.
It will work only between version 0.91, so please upgrade.
Some more guidelines  will follow.
Also the combat dice will work for slaves/preys/owned/safezone and all other cases when regular weapons wouldn’t work.

Guidelines to use Combat Dice:

The rise and fall of physical health in the meter is one of the main driving factors for having to use all the other game elements like food and drink drugs etc which lead on to the correct functioning of all the other parts of the game.
So we devised what we shall call combat dice.
We ask that all Players who wish to use RP combat instead of meter based weapon combat use these dice so that their chosen form of combat conforms to the SGS system.
We realise that many RP purists will still not see this as a solution, but we ask that they give it a try in the interests of our efforts to try to harmonise a mechanical system with a purely text based system.

Example :
Jack: “Draws his knife and tries to deliver a fatal blow to the chest of his attacker before she is ready”
Jack: Throws dice: score 4
Jill: throws dice: score 5
Jill wins
Jill: “Quickly dodges this lame attempt at a quick attack by leaping to her right, Takes out her Machete and brings it up in a sweeping motion  towards the outstretched arm of the attacker”
Jill: throws dice, score 3
Jack: throws dice, score 1
Jack looses 6 Physical points from his meter.
Jack “ Feels the blade of the machete slice into his forearm opening a large cut that begins to splash blood onto the pavement”
This continues until one player looses all their physical points same as in straight meter combat.

Of course all role play combatants would have to agree to this Dice combat system before even entering the game.


The future of Nomos2

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Subject: Nomos2 is closing for financial reasons. A new SIM will be built.

Read FURTHER!!!!!

We just want to inform you that we will be closing Nomos 2 within the next week.
PLEASE NOTE: We have NO plans whatsoever to close Nomos 1, the City.
Nomos2 has always struggled to make its tier cost, and in the past couple of months things have slowed up so much so that we feel we need to take action in order to stop both sims from having to close.
Nomos 2 has always been the residential side of Nomos and never played a huge part in game play. Mostly it has stood empty apart from the few residents renting there.
So we hope that its closure will not effect play in the main sim too much.
Any game areas such as the biker club and Bedlam we will try to fit into the main sim so we do not loose them.
We will not be selling or disposing of Nomos 2, we will be re cycling it, turning it into something completely different which we will once again open up to the community for rent and play.
We will of course keep you informed as to what form this new sim will take  and when it will be opening. Hopefully this will be within a month.
All currant residents of Nomos 2 will have the choice of either moving to some residences we have created in Nomos 1, or a re fund on any rent they have outstanding.
We hope everyone understands that, as always, it is financial considerations which force us to move and change sims around.
However, as much as we dislike closing sims, we do as always look forward to new experiences in other areas of interest. So we are excited to see what happens next, what new fantasy will arise from the ashes of the old. All things come and go, the only constant in the Universe is change

Baal and Kora

KOS Referendum about Group Leadership

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Please vote for group leadership.
Would you rather have:
1) An election to nominate one leader for your group (e.g Slavers, Undead, etc)
2) Keep the current status quo. No changes for your group.

If the majority of your group vote in favor of an election, your group will have one.
If not, then no worries. No changes will apply to your group.
If you vote now, you can change your mind later. Only the last vote will be counted

The referendum register is next to the Mentor Board in the Game Room at KOS.

You need to wear your SGS tag and be at least 7 days old (game age).

SGS V 2.0 – Meeting this Saturday 1pm at Nomos

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Creating games is a process, and a lot of things are learned by trial and error. In a year and half of SGS and 80 versions and improvements, we are ready to move to the next major release. If you want to give your feedback over things you would like to change or improve, then we are having a meeting at the Metrotek Offices at Nomos this coming Saturday at 1pm. The meeting is for both KOS and Nomos, since they share the same game system. It is strictly about the game/scripting. Thank you.

Skill Employment – Changes

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

What was changed?
1) You can now learn more than 3 skills (although the max number of social stars is still 3)
2) if you switch from one skill to another one, you won’t lose the previous training
3) check your profile on the web to see the status of your skills
The update is complete. You can now signup for work again.

New apartments for Rent in Nomos City

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

If you are interested in becoming a Nomos resident and living in the heart of the city,  now we are opening different locations for rent inside the city: The Bradbury apartments, the rooms at the Royal Hotel, 2 Metropol Block Apts locations, the Vampire Church, a few garages at the street levels, some roof sheds. The info are now on the web or directly at the rental locations.

New Knight Leader: Avery Allegrant

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

The election is now closed.
Avery was voted by the majority of knights to be the next Knight Imperator.