KOS Referendum – Results

What was the referendum about?

This KOS referendum is about  group leadership.
We asked:
“Would you rather have:
1) An election to nominate one leader for your group (e.g Slavers, Undead, etc)
2) Keep the current status quo. No changes for your group.”

If the majority of your group voted in favor of an election, your group will have one.
If not, no changes will apply to that group.

Result of Referendum:

Bedouins – Large Majority voted for “No Changes”
Citizens – Majority Voted for “No Changes”
Dark Knights – Not Enough Votes
Djinn – Large Majority voted for “Election”
Magi – Large Majority voted for Election
Mammal – not enough votes
Merfolk – Large Majority voted for No Changes
Pirate/Slavers – Majority Voted for “No Changes”
Priest – Small amount of votes, but unanimous vote for “Election”
Slaves – Not enough votes
Undead – Unaninimous vote in favor of “Election”

There were a few votes for Palace/Knights, and they were discarded, since those groups have already a leader.

So to summarize these groups will have elections to nominate a group leader:
Djinns, Magi, Priests and Undead

Also to each election, we will add a candidate called ‘No Leader’. This is in case you wanted a group leader for your group, but then the only candidate for the election is someone you don’t want as leader.

The signs for signing up as candidates will be out today at each group camp.