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Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Please respect private property and do not trespass someone’s property (including terraces) unless you are invited or the owners are your friends (and welcome you). Also the town island is no-combat and no-capture zone, and so is the tent area.

KOS 2 – Scene Setting

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

For many years in dreams I had crossed the red desert into the Kingdom of sand and the City of Ireem.
I had grown familiar with the City and the surrounding lands where I had dreamed many strange and  exotic adventures.
Then one evening as the sun began to set, I found myself talking with a  dark stranger I had happened to meet in one of the high towers of the city.
As we talked  I noticed on the western horizon what appeared to be the domes and spires of  a small town. I checked my bearings. This could not be, I was sure I had been in this tower many times before and not noticed this far off place. I asked the stranger if she to could see  the town whose coloured domes now shone in the deep red of the setting sun.
“Yes“, she replied softly, “That is Kashkar, the place of return, where the souls of tired and weary travellers find rest from their Journeys through life”
She said that in these lands they still remembered the old gods who roamed the minds of men when they were still young and free.
I asked if I may go there and she told me I may, but that I should beware, as it was not an easy place to leave.
She told me the path I should take through the desert.
Taking the western road out of the city I would pass the Necropolis, high in the hills, built to honour Lord Thanatos the great Daemon of death.
She warned not to pause here lest I be taken by Undead creatures, The children of Hora Ma, who rise up from the tombs beneath the rocks
I would pass beneath the broken bridge of Nephili and beyond would see the river and the town.
“Many adventures you will find there” she said, for the town is ancient and full of mysteries to discover.
To the North of the town, facing the ocean, she told me of  the Isle of Mer. This is the place of the children of Mer who gather in the halls of Posidon and Neptune and the old ones.
But the Isle of Mer is also a place of music and dance, and the terraces on the high rocks are watched over by Lalita, the goddess of movement and pleasure.

SGS Version 0.78 is out

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

– Added freeze/unfreeze in victim menu
– Added a few more sub animations
– Fixed a bug in the unconscious/defeated mode
– Meter to be worn on left ear now
– You will need this version to access KoS 2 tomorrow.

Free upgrades are available at the entrance – game room – at both KoS and Nomos. Find a sign on the wall for Upgrades.

Mentor Rules Clarification

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

In SGS Sims a Mentors judgement on RP situations, technical issues or any other problems that disturb the harmony of the SIM is to be regarded as final at the time of issue.
Even if you disagree with the decision, you should still comply with it immediately, and do whatever you have been asked to do, or not to do.
After you have done this, and if you still wish to complain about the decision, you may consult another Mentor.
If that Mentor can see any reason to uphold the complaint they will consult with the other Mentor and discuss the problem further.
Only in this way can we get reasonably fast final decisions on otherwise infinite arguments.
Arguments take up precious RP time.
In the time it takes you to argue your case over and over you could have already been involved in a much more interesting RP situation.
Anyone who continuously ignores, argues, mutes, attacks with a weapon or verbally abuses a Mentor who is specifically in Mentor mode, will be reported to Baal and Kora and may be banned.

RP Businesses – How to post event and hiring info.

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

If you run a RP store at Nomos, beside posting your own posters at the display boards around the city, you can also submit the event or hiring info directly to the newspaper including a picture – for immediate publishing. When you use the poster board, it will give you all info on how to do it. Click on ‘Event’ when you see the Menu. If you need more info, please IM Kora Zenovka. If you have RP stories and articles, they should still go through Street Life drop-boxes for approval. Thank you.

Betatesting for Bikes

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

If you are around at Nomos this evening, can you please find a partner then rent a bike at the Titty Twister (the one marked BETA TESTING). The bikes have 100% fuel. They lose fuel when they are being shot from the street and from other bikes. The 2nd passenger on the bike is the one shooting from mouselook. This is a first Beta – so if you find someone to test with, please report issues to me – I am sure that there will be 🙂 Thank you.

Stores for Rent – Streets of Nomos

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

If you wish to open a store at the street-level, either the full store or just a wall, then we have stores available for rent prices between 202L$ and 592L$, 10–30prims.
Landmark attached here.
Availability here:
Thank you

Fighting Tournament Sun 18 July – 10am SLT

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Championship Tournament at Ireem.
When: Sunday 18 July at 10am LST
Where: KoS Arena
Weapons: KoS sword (one of the default ones) or any weapon that both fighters agree upon
Combat Mode: Training Mode (100%)
Prize: will be announced later this week.

Drama Box (KOS)

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Help to keep Kingdom of Sand out of OOC Drama.
A teleport to the Drama Box was added just outside the main gate to Ireem. If you see anybody having an OOC argument in local chat, ASK THEM to use the teleport. NO EXCEPTIONS. Local chat is for in-character roleplay. Thank you.

MetroMech: special group for Robots

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

((Scripts all updated))
MetroMech are Robots employed by any division of MetroTek (Metropol, MediTek, PshychoTek, GenoTek and MetroGen) – not just MetroPol.
To become part of the MetroMech, you must apply to any branch of the MetroTek and get approved.
Once you are part of the MetroMech, you may switch division, without further applications. However, you may get fired by any Head of the above companies for just cause or willful misconduct, etc.

Arena – fighting skills for citizens

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The Arena has now got an employment register and cash till. If you are a citizen or another unaffiliated group and wish to train your combat skills, the skill training there is open to everybody.
The register is in the gazebo between arena and auction place.

Metropol, MediTek, PsychoTek applications

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

If you submitted an application to MediTek or Metropol and you didn’t receive a reply, it is possible that there was a technical issue – aehm- so please send it again.
If you are waiting for Psychotek, they will start to accept application soon, because the company is changing ownership.
Thank you!

Mixed-Race Clans is now possible!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Since an exploit of the code (sort of documented bug) players were able to create mixed-race clans anyway, we made it official, and now you can too.

Just a word of advice. When you have a mixed-race clan, your clan as a whole may not be welcomed in the race/group HQs (which is safezone just for one race).

Example KoS – if you are Undead and you belong to a Bedouin clan, do not expect a warm welcome if you go to the Bedu camp. You will likely to be attacked.

If you create a mixed-race clan, please just make it meaninful for roleplay.

Also if your group is restricted (such as Metropol), add a password to avoid intruder to join your clan. Or just a password anyway – to be safe. If you get intruders in your clan and you want to kick them out, click on “PROFILE” on the web, then click on the CLAN edit page and there is a simple tool to kick people off from your clan.

MediTek / PsychoTek changes

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Meditek, Psychotek and the Hospital and Asylum have been moved to the Bedlam Health center in Nomos 2.
You will now need to go there for both Medical and Mental health care if your scores is below 30%.
You may of course go there any time you wish for RP regardless of your meter.
You will find Auto admittance Machines on the Reception desks of Meditek and Psychotek.

————- MediTek ————-

Click on the Auto admit machine and you will be TPed to the intensive care room.
You will now have the Legend “Detainee of Meditek” in your meter.

A note will be sent out in the HUD to inform any Medical staff that you are there and seek medical attention.

If you do not want help from a Medic then you can follow the usual process of laying on the bed and receiving the band which you wear for 15 minutes until healed.
When healed (physical > 40%) you should go back to the reception desk and Click on the Auto-Release form on the desk. You will now no longer be detained by Meditek.
Of course you don’t need to stay in the Bedlam waiting to heal. If you wish , you can leave before you are completely healed, while you are still a patient of MediTek and come back when you are healed just to release yourself.

If you get assisted by a trained Medic, you will be able to roleplay the medical process out, you may be taken to the Ward for a checkup and surgery and other procedures. After you are RP assessed to be fit enough to leave, the Medic will use the release form in Ward 1 to let you go.

Cost and Time of procedures:
– Do-It-Yourself ICU/bracelet: 40G$ / 40 physical health points / 15 minutes
– RP Process with a MediTek: 20G$ / 90 physical health points / immediate as soon as you are considered fit by the doctor

Also Physicians occasionally gain extra-bonuses of 30G$ for each patient treatment.

Being treated by a Physician is a win-win 🙂

———– Psychotek————

Click on the Auto admit machine and you will be TPed to a padded cell.
You will now have the Legend “Detaineed of Psychotek” in your meter.

A note will be sent out in the HUD to inform Psychotek staff that you are there and seek Psychological assistance.

If you do not wish to RP the process then you try the door which will open when you are deemed safe enough to leave the cell. You will then need to go lay on the Brain scanner for a minute to get an assessment of your mental state.
If you are deemed mental healthy then you may take the lift up and go back to the Reception, and click on the Auto-Release form on the desk..

If you are found to need further attention then you will have a choice of Robotic surgery or treatment from a trained Psychologist.

One of the next rooms have a Surgery machine. Just lie down while the machine will perform a surgery.

If you are assisted by PsychoTek staff, you will roleplay the psychologist process out.
The Psychotek staff will then release you as soon you are found mentally fit.

Cost and Time of Procedures:
– Brain Scanner: 35G$ / 40 mental points / immediate – it charges you only if you don’t require further treatment
– Robotic Surgery: 100G$ /  60 mental points / immediate – it charges you after surgery
– RP Process with PsychoTek: 50G$ / 70 mental points / immediate

Also PhychoTek occasionally gain extra bonuses of 40G$ for each patient treatment.

Again, being treated by a PsychoTek is a win-win.

KoS is growing

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

We are about to add a new region to attach to KOS. Part of this island will be residential and the accomodations will be rentable for L$. If you are interested in become a KOS resident, send an IM to Kora Zenovka. Thank you.

SGS Version 0.77

Friday, July 2nd, 2010


a) If you ransom out you shouldn’t lose your physical health.

b) While you are in the status unconscious/defeated, you will be unable to heal. You must wait until you are back to normal.

c) Sometimes the skin of the HUD was the wrong one. That is now fixed.

d) Some backend changes for the MediTek/PsychoTek (Nomos).

Free Upgrades are available at the entrance of the SIM. Touch the UPGRADE sign on the wall to receive a copy of the new HUD/Meter.

Smashing Boxes

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

If you have tried to smash boxes with no much luck (for whatever reason), I added some titler info that will let you know how many hits are left and how much time you have. If you have problems let me know.