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Knight Leader Election starts now!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

The election has started! If you are a Knight, please vote at the scroll outside the Good Knight Tavern.
The candidates are: “Anderebu Resident”, “Haruka Tsuyoi”, “No Leader”.
If you vote for ‘No Leader’, a new leader won’t be elected, and the group will be led by a council formed with all 4 clan leaders.

If you wish to promote yourself as candidate, please contact the Ireem press for an interview or release your statement.
You can also design a poster and drop it next to the knight HQ. Or any IC political campaign is okay as well.
There will be 2 rounds of votes, so the election will last a couple of weeks more or less.

How to Complain

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

If you want to complain, read this first.
Many complaints get discarded because they don’t meet the basic requirements. So if you intent to complain, make sure that you comply with the basic requirements listed here.

I have read all the combat rules for the SGS sim in which I wish to play.
I will play by these rules to the absolute best of my knowledge and understanding of them.
I understand that the makers of the rules NEVER ignore complaints.
And always register ALL rule breakers even though there may appear to be no action taken in certain cases
If I am found to have deliberately broken these rules I realise that I will :
1. Receive a warning.
2. Have my weapons disabled for a period of time.
3. Receive a temporary ban from the sim
4. Receive a permanent ban from the sim.

Fuelling the fire.
In any OOC dealings with other players concerning the breaking of rules I will NEVER use insults or any words in any language that might cause offence.
This includes all so called swear words.
I realise that any use of such language will ALWAYS inflame the situation and cause unnecessary Drama.
I realise that any complaint I make about another player or any complaints received about me that contain any of the above, so called, bad language or insults will seriously damage my complaint, or my defence, should the complaint be about me.

Before complaining:
I will make sure my alcohol or substance consumption has not impaired my judgement or my actions.
I will make allowances and adjustments to my tolerance levels should I be having a bad day.
I understand that it is up to me to be reasonably tolerant of other players.
Even those who appear to break rules.
I will always attempt to reason with another player before I resort to an official complaint.
If the other player apologies I will accept the apology and move on.
If the incident has upset me I will allow myself to calm down before attempting to talk to the other player, or complain to an admin.

If I believe I have a valid complaint about another player I will:
1. Cease all combat even if I continue to be attacked.
2. Check that the offending player is aware of the rule they are breaking.
3. If no, I will direct them to the note card or web page where the rules can be found
5. If yes, I will warn them that if they continue I will report them
6. NOT announce my grievance in Public chat, or argue with the offender in any public place.
7. I will move away from the area of conflict ASAP and proceed with the report.

Filing the complaint.:
When I file a complaint about another player I will:
1. State clearly the full name of the player and Exactly which rule I believe they are breaking.
2. Send an unedited LOG of any RELAVANT role play proceeding and following the combat.
This should demonstrate that I have proceeded as stated in the sections above.
3.Understand that filing a complaint does not in any way guarantee punishment for the accused, or give me free licence to complain in public chat about the admins.

Roleplay Store for Rent in KOS

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Sometimes Baal and I receive requests from people wanting to own a store or another that is not available in KOS.
So if you wish to build your own roleplay store and use the space for roleplay purposes, we have one available, that is adjancent to the Law Offices.
No L$ sales are allowed. But you can sell items or services in exchange of G$. Also, the door stays open, and it cannot be locked (it might change in the future)
We rent the RP store for L$ to cover sim cost. Sorry.

RP Limits when you are a Prisoner

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

If you don’t like to be a Prisoner, when you lose a fight, you have to give some options that you are willing to roleplay as Prisoner. Don’t you want to be sold on auction? It is fine, but you should still provide some other roleplay scenario to your captor. No matter what, we expect everybody to play their captivity/unconscious state for 20 minutes.

Combat Rules and Weapon Suspension

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

If there are enough proves that you broke combat rules, you will find your weapon suspended.
The suspension is temporary and will last for a few days or more. It depends if it is a first time and the situation.
Please understand that although we try to be fair, it is quite impossible to be totally unbiased and fair, but if you receive many RP bans and complaints, you NEED to look at yourself and correct your wrongdoings.

Slaves Head Inn is now available for new ownership

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

If you are interested in running the Slaves Head Inn, please signup as candidate at the scroll just outside the Good Knight Inn.
No ALTs.
Serious interest in promoting roleplay only.
Minimum 1 event a month to run.

Library: voting starts now

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

There are 16 candidate:

  • Hugo Cerise
  • Hali Glendale
  • Tygeriz Resident
  • Liphx Fiertze
  • krinka Resident
  • Lidiya Kalil
  • SplitWeave Resident
  • Nightmare Rain
  • Phox Sillanpaa
  • SavvyCharlotte Writer
  • emmareese Resident
  • Alesandro Davi
  • Haruka Tsuyoi
  • Rayne Allegiere
  • Pushka Damour
  • Appetence Resident

Please vote at the voting scroll. 1st round of voting starts now.

Mystic Store: Voting starts now

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

There are 12 candidates for the position:

  • Hali Glendale
  • Daychaser Raviprakash
  • Alesandro Davi
  • SavvyCharlotte Writer
  • Saphera Jansma
  • Forsaken Orchid
  • mayvision Resident
  • seashell61 Resident
  • Rya Asalia
  • Pushka Damour
  • ingrid Rallier
  • Xxari Resident

1st round of votes starts now. The voting scroll is in front of the Good Knight Tavern.

House of Pleasure: new Owner: KAYA Blinker

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

KAYA Blinker was voted by the majority of Ireemians to run the House of Pleasure.
Congratulations to the new owner 🙂

Blue Lagoon – 2nd Round

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

The finalist candidates for the ownership of the Blue Lagoon are:
Eve Forgraine and stnnr2000 Belfire
If you haven’t voted or you voted for a different candidate, please vote again.

SGS HUD v 3.491 Bugfix

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

There were a few bugfixes:
a) One fixes an exploit with the dice
b) another one should fix a PERMISSION_CONTROL error
c) another one I don’t remember anymore 🙂
If you are aware of the exploit, please double check to see if I fixed it. 🙂

Blood Gaunts, more notes to think on

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Blood Gaunts
Another clarification.
You cannot join the sim and think “Hummmm, now Blood Gaunt, I like the sound of that name, I think that’s what I will be“.
Blood Gaunt IS A SUB ROLE OF HUMAN used for certain special reasons.
It is mostly temporary and dependent upon strict rules.
You Must have an active Vampire Master or Mistress who is daily attending you.
You are a slave so have no rights at all.
Its purpose is for intense RP between Master / Mistress and Slave.
If you Master or Mistress has gone AWOL for longer than a couple of days then you should actively seek to become human again.
If it’s a punishment it will have a set time limit.
If its for the purpose of awaiting enrapture it will last two weeks.
No human would want to be a blood Gaunt !
No human would want to befriend a Blood Gaunt , except perhaps to help them return to human again.
Blood Gaunts are like Heroin addicts in RL.
They cannot be trusted because of their addiction.
Humans never trust them because of their addiction.
This addiction is the reason they are turned to Blood Gaunts, so that their own race no longer clings to them.
So that they are willing slaves.
so they would sell their own family for the thirst.
They become far more instinctive and sensual in their search for sustenance.
But it is an addiction and can cause serious pain if the thirst is not quenched. Which is why it is also a punishment.
Blood gaunts are not poor, poor little things that are having a bad time, they are most likely Hungry eyed devoted servants, aggressively seeking their next fix. They would even kill another human if asked to do so for the one who feeds them.
The chant of the Blood Gaunt is “Feed me Master /Mistress, Feed me, and I will do your will. I will be for you the source of all sustenance, I will be for you anything you want, I will do it for you, Master/ Mistress, but feed me please, I beg you”

SGS HUD v 3.490 Release

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

There are several tweaks in the code.
The main change is that the RP Bans have been removed from the HUD. If you wish to submit a RP Ban you will need to go back to the entrance fo the SIM and look for a jar or book. We will also ask you to provide a reason (if you wish to share it with Baal and Kora).
This upgrade is mandatory. Sorry!

Knight Leader Election Update

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Just a reminder that if you are interested in running as Knight Leader, you must be a Knight Clan Leader and you must signup at the board outside the Good Knight Tavern.
If you are not a clan leader, you must form a clan, find someone to join your clan and get it approved by around 20 July.
Brandon December is currently the only candidate. If nobody else signed up for it, an election will be run Brandon vs No Group Leader. Only Knights will be able to vote for it.

Breaking SIM Rules

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

If you see someone breaking SIM Rules, this is what you have to do:
a) Ask them politely if they know that they are breaking the SIM Rules. Wait for their answer.
b) Do not retaliate or become offensive OOCly. If you do, then you are just as bad as them.
c) If they say ‘Sorry i won’t do it again’, try to forgive and forget.
d) If they are rude and don’t listen, then COPY&PASTE the conversation and send it to Kora or Baal.