Mosquitoes Season

Mosquito Season

The hot summer has once again brought upon us the Mosquito season, this year they seem even more aggressive than last year when the hospital wards were full of victims. Bellow are a few handy hints on what to do in case of Mosquito attack:
1. Don’t panic !
2. Do you have a fly swat ?
Yes ? Then you are well on the way to seeing of the little pest.
No ? Then you need to head on down to the Carpenters Store and pick up a fly swat without delay.
Its too late I have been bitten ?
Ok once again
1. Don’t Panic !
2. Do you have a vaccine ?
Yes?  then no problem, just swallow that stuff as quick as you can and you are done.
No?  then you need to head on down to the Alchemist shop who I am informed has made up a fresh batch of Vaccine ready for this season.
3. I am told that a Merchant recently had stolen some large storage jars. These were destined for the Alchemist as they contained a substance from which the Vaccine is produced, along with various other items. But the thief, a crafty little man, has hidden them in various locations around the sim.
If you are lucky enough to discover one of these Jars on your journeys then :
1. They have been sealed tight and you will need to smash them open.
2. You will need to head off to the Blacksmiths shop and if you are lucky he may sell you a hammer that will help you gain access to the impossibly durable Jars.
3. If  you should be lucky enough to discover within one of the Jars the substance needed to mix make the Vaccine then:
4. Once again you will need to head on down to the Alchemists store to get it mixed up and ready for use.
Here’s wishing you a bite free season, good swatting.

Technical Info you should know about:
– if a mosquito is chasing you and you have no fly swat, run to a crowd. Mosquitoes will likely attack someone else when there is more bodies to feed on ; -)
– the vaccine will last until the end of any given month. So if you get vaccinated today, you may get bitten, but not infected until the end of this month. You may need at most one vaccine every month.
– mosquitoes will die at a certain point, if you don’t kill them. But they will likely bite the last person before to die.