Golgothica: Proposed Changes

Proposed changes to Golgothica
Coming soon.

Most of these changes are inspired by referendums,  feedback we have already received

After much initial disappointment and many requests, we will be reinstating the original Golgothica back story and groups into the sim in order to inject it with some solid basis fro RP which many have missed. This story will of course need some tweaking to fit the new locations etc.
– adding the magic crafts as skills for supernaturals and wytches
– adding  city laws  and crimes to the game
– adding trials and prosecutors
– adding outlaws as human group (fighting against the oppressors – but weaker than supernatural)
– adding the bounty hunters (who fight and catch criminals who break city laws) and take them to trial
– adding clans

We would of course be interested to hear any feed back on these proposed changes.