Know your Place in the Fantasy Land of KOS

What’s this I smell drifting on the wind blowing from the desert lands of Samhara
Are! the sweet sickly smell of arrogant dissent.
Please read the attached note if you think the Sultana needs putting in her place. Learn just what her place is, and how lucky you are to still be alive having such thoughts 🙂


What’s this smell I detect drifting on the winds that blow from the desert lands of Samhara.
Are! the sweet sickly smell of arrogant dissent.
Well that’s good, or at least not all bad.
Not everyone can live under the rule of an absolute ruler and be happy. Many have to kick against the system, this is fine.
But all should realise that to shout your disapproval from the rooftops, to organise a Demo to protest, To openly accuse the rulers of crimes etc etc, all this kind of stuff is only recently a safe occupation to pursue.
Of course, I know the “people” have many times tried to rise up against tyrants all throughout history, so please all you medieval history buffs spare me the examples.
But, at the time we are enacting here in KOS, the ruling class have their kingdom well and truly under control.
As I have said many times in the past, the Game here is about the frictions and interactions that exist between the Factions that live on a lower level than the Palace. You can RP hating the Sultana and the Knights but, when in the city especially , you would do well to keep you mouth shut on such matters in public places or you will for sure loose your Tongue, and most likely your life. The system of Government here I would liken to a rather pleasant form of Stalinist Russia, where even a whole tribe can be arranged to go missing, leave alone an individual with a big mouth and a small brain.
I can of course arrange a demonstration of this tyrannical skill of making things disappear for anyone who wants to test it out. SO, the game is this, The Sultans have ruled this land for many centuries.
At this time The currant sultana (no pun intended) is renowned for her charity and acceptance of the multicultural society that exists under here rule. But, it is absolutely under her rule, make no mistake about that.
No, of course, not as an individual, don’t be dumb, Queen Victoria was not a muscle bound weapons expert.
You are all living in the house of the Sultans of Ireem, you are living on their land (although of course the Bedu dispute this completely, but are not strong enough to do anything about it)
They can evict you any time they wish. Anything, absolutely anything you do to upset the Sultana or the peaceful running of the City is a huge risk that you take, and in reality should end with the destruction of your Character. If you can’t stand the heat of the subordination to absolute power, then get out of the Kitchen of Ireem. That’s the reality. But of course no man or woman can really live without the imagined dream of freedom. So you can RP any hate or dislike you wish. You can plot over throws and military coups, but please realise the reality of your RP situation and understand that you are really a very small fly under the very big and wide reaching swat of the rulers of the lands of KOS.
Watch your mouth or loose your tongue.
Watch your step or loose your legs.