Rules about Stealing

Very important Note:
Stealing relinquishes any RP rights you previously had.
The idea of stealing is instant action
If you decide to steal from a till or someone’s pocket then you had better be prepared to run or fight.
Stealing has up to this point been unfair, the thief has gotten away with the loot.
Now you are welcome to steal as much as you like, but the victim or their friends or any passer by is welcome to get the money back by any means possible.
So I say again:
If you steal you are a target for anyone with a weapon.
They do not need to RP they only need to attack you to get the money.
Once the 10 minutes is up, you have succeeded and are no longer open to attack.
At this point all players must respect your combat mode.
Don’t steal if you do not like to fight to keep it!
This goes for those who steal the money back off you!
Please remember, as was explained in the previous note:
Owned Prey and none combatants cannot steal.
Sorry this is just a part of the game.