Group Leaders vs Clan Leaders

Group Leader is different from Clan Leader.

Clan Leaders are directly responsible IC and OOC for their clan members. Clan members chose their leader, and the leaders chose who to invite in their clan. They can set rules and objective, but they will only affect their clans.
Rules and objectives should be reasonable for that given group. (A slaver clan whose objective is to save all slaves from slavery wouldn’t obviously make sense).

Group Leaders are elected by the majority of group members. They are NOT responsible IC or OOC for their individual group members (the clan leader still is). They are responsible to lead the whole group towards common goals and objective, so instead of a group divided by clans, the clan members will work as an united group, instead of being at each other throat.
Once a group leader is elected, we expect that he will at least given the respect to operate as leader, even from those players who didn’t vote for him. If you disagree with a group leader, try to talk with them and negotiate something.
However, if group leaders are unable to do their job because of lack of respect and cooperation, they may order an IC exile to players who constantly cause grief and annoyance and disrupt the group.

Group Leaders Election will be held every 6 months.