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How to Complain

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

If you want to complain, read this first.
Many complaints get discarded because they don’t meet the basic requirements. So if you intent to complain, make sure that you comply with the basic requirements listed here.

I have read all the combat rules for the SGS sim in which I wish to play.
I will play by these rules to the absolute best of my knowledge and understanding of them.
I understand that the makers of the rules NEVER ignore complaints.
And always register ALL rule breakers even though there may appear to be no action taken in certain cases
If I am found to have deliberately broken these rules I realise that I will :
1. Receive a warning.
2. Have my weapons disabled for a period of time.
3. Receive a temporary ban from the sim
4. Receive a permanent ban from the sim.

Fuelling the fire.
In any OOC dealings with other players concerning the breaking of rules I will NEVER use insults or any words in any language that might cause offence.
This includes all so called swear words.
I realise that any use of such language will ALWAYS inflame the situation and cause unnecessary Drama.
I realise that any complaint I make about another player or any complaints received about me that contain any of the above, so called, bad language or insults will seriously damage my complaint, or my defence, should the complaint be about me.

Before complaining:
I will make sure my alcohol or substance consumption has not impaired my judgement or my actions.
I will make allowances and adjustments to my tolerance levels should I be having a bad day.
I understand that it is up to me to be reasonably tolerant of other players.
Even those who appear to break rules.
I will always attempt to reason with another player before I resort to an official complaint.
If the other player apologies I will accept the apology and move on.
If the incident has upset me I will allow myself to calm down before attempting to talk to the other player, or complain to an admin.

If I believe I have a valid complaint about another player I will:
1. Cease all combat even if I continue to be attacked.
2. Check that the offending player is aware of the rule they are breaking.
3. If no, I will direct them to the note card or web page where the rules can be found
5. If yes, I will warn them that if they continue I will report them
6. NOT announce my grievance in Public chat, or argue with the offender in any public place.
7. I will move away from the area of conflict ASAP and proceed with the report.

Filing the complaint.:
When I file a complaint about another player I will:
1. State clearly the full name of the player and Exactly which rule I believe they are breaking.
2. Send an unedited LOG of any RELAVANT role play proceeding and following the combat.
This should demonstrate that I have proceeded as stated in the sections above.
3.Understand that filing a complaint does not in any way guarantee punishment for the accused, or give me free licence to complain in public chat about the admins.

MELEE Weapons Upgrade to v 3.03

Monday, November 21st, 2011

All melee weapons are now updated to v 3.03.
If you try to use an older weapon, an update will be sent to you automatically or you will receive a message to upgrade your weapon. If you don’t get an automatic delivery, go to the game room and click on the specific weapon vendor sign. All upgrades are free.

Weapons Tweaked and Balanced

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

And I am reliably informed that the weapons have now been tweaked and Balanced to function much better.
So go try them out on your enemies now!

New combat move we forgot to mention ;D

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Oh BTW Kora forgot to mention that there is now a block move you can use in combat.
Some people make a great fuss when they make tiny changes to their game meters, but hey, we make so many we forget J
To use this move hold down the left Mouse button and press the C key.
This will reduce by 50% any hit that your opponent scores on you while you hold the block.
But you will at the same time loose 2 points of Stamina per hit.


Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Just as reminder, Magic HUDs are not allowed.
They are SUPER LAGGY ( I tested a few of them). The amount of particles they spawn is so big that they can freeze everybody’s viwer, and they are often just plain griefing tool.
As you might have read, we will have magic crafts in the upcoming releases.

Stamina Loss for Weapons

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

FYI The values for stamina loss have been adjusted for all weapons (melee & range).
They will become active once you reattach your weapon.

SGS HUD & Meter v 2.19 Released

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

There have been some changes related to the clans:

  • If the clan leader hasn’t been in the SIM for 1 month, the clan will be closed down permanently. If the leader comes back later, he may restart a clan from scratch, but he won’t be able to use the same one. If you – as leader – plan a long-time absence, please nominate someone else as leader to keep your clan active.
  • The minimum game age to form a clan is 14 days (SGS age).
  • Orphan clans will become inactive within 24 hours unless an interim leader is elected.
  • A clan needs 1 leader and at least 4 members. If your clan doesn’t meet the quota or if it goes under quota, it will stay under pending approval, and you won’t be given the title of leader. But even if your clan is not approved, you can invite other people to signup.
  • If you meet the minimum amount of members, your clan approval will be given within 24 hours.

Find out more:

We added an A-STAR (Awesomeness Star) to your Rank. Find out more here:

If you have the flintlocks, please make sure to have the most recent release 2.11. There was a bug in the previous version.

All upgrades are free of charge. To get one, just click on the vendor in the game room and request a copy.

Thank you


Flintlock v 2.11 released

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I released a version 2.11 of the flintlock that increase the distance from the hits. There was a bug and it is now fixed.
For the future, it is much better to IM me directly if you noticed something that seems funny or not normal. We are not “Linden Labs”. It is just me and Baal to spend all our time to build the sims and write the scripts as a hobby. So please avoid to upset us, unless you want the army of rats go after you. ;-P

SGS HUD v 2.18 Release & New Treasure Hunting

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

If you go treasure hunting in KOS, you should update to this, and you should also get the new treasure hammer from the dispenser in the blacksmith.

The new HerbalPotion is an item that you may find in a jar or you can buy from other player. It is an item type ‘vaccine’ and it will cure you from rat bites.

All the Items in the Jars have been replaced with items that will go to your game inventory. Once you find an item, you will be asked if you would rather use or sell that item, but then it will be stored in inventory.

This update is NOT mandatory.

PS: It also means that from now on, the alchemist skill item will be the Herbal Potion to be used on other people or to use on yourself.

SGS Upgrade v 2.12

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Latest Changes in this release:

a) Low-Damage weapons won’t work in Safezones anymore (but players won’t be able to activate Safezone if they are in the middle of a fight / capture)

b) Low-Damage weapons will work on Captured Preys, and they will inflict damage, but the Predator won’t be able to steal the prey from the current Owner

c) When you pay another player, a message will be shown in local chat (to avoid confusion).

d) A bug was fixed in the Prey transfer from one owner to another – on the owner request.

Upgrades are available for free in the Game Room – at the entrance of the SIM.

You should upgrade it, but this is not a mandatory release.

New CrossBows

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

3 new Crossbows are released now.
Weapon Type: CROSSBOW
They are regular weapons
They are version 2.10, and when they get updated, you should automatically get a new update.

Combat Flying Carpet

Monday, July 4th, 2011

THere will be an event soon, but in the meantime, if you wish to practice, I left a flying carpet dispenser jar in the desert. It takes up to 4 people. The first one to sit is the driver. All of them – once in mouselook – can ‘shoot’ at other carpets. No need to wear a weapon. Once your carpet loses all armor, you get ejected from it and fall on the ground. People from the ground may shoot at the carpet¬† with bows or other range weapons. Then you can hit with the carpet if you want them to lose health.

‘Invisible Weapon’ just released

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

For animals and werewolves: we just released an ‘invisible weapon’. The box contains both regular weapon and low-damage weapon. In Golgothica all animals are prey, so they can only wear the low-damage ones.
It contains low-priority animations, so your animal HUD will likely overwrite the default animations.
If you have any problem with it let me know.

Low Damage Weapons Update

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

We have just added a rolling pin and a frying pan as low-damage weapons (for preys).
They are available in the Game Room at Golgothica.

Flintlocks and dummies

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

The flintlocks have been upgraded to 2.0. You can now get a free upgrade from the vendor.
Also the combat dummies have been upgraded.

Gothic Whip v 2.01

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Fixed an alpha texture bug for the Gothic Whip.
Please get the free upgrade of the whip by touching the vendor in the Game Room.
Thank you!

War Hammer MK2 ready!

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Yesterday I forgot to copy the objects on the server. ;-P
If you have this weapon, you may now get the upgrade.
All fixed!

Great Sword Slaine Clean v 2.01

Monday, June 6th, 2011

If you have the Great Sword Slaine Clean , you might want to do the upgrade to v 2.01. There was a problem with permissions, but now it is fixed.

What’s new in SGS v 2.00

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

SUMMARY  OF CHANGES MADE IN SGS v 2.0 (simplified version)

Regular players will find quite a few major changes to the SGS game system in this new version.
The majority of these changes have been made based on the feedback we have received over the past year. In general they are to do with improving the system through simplification.



  • Preys can now use low-damage weapons in defense.
  • Collar and leash are built-in. Predators may leash preys without authorization, while the permission will be asked for non-preys
  • The level of difficulty will translate in number of hits (visible on the prey meter)
  • If multiple predators go after the same prey, the counter will not be reset
  • Bumping as a method of capture has been removed. Capture weapons will be used instead.
  • Some groups/races can be defaulted by us to be ‘Prey’ or ‘Predator’ and you cannot change that. Check on the webpages to see which ones.


  • Age increments after 30 minutes in the sim. Read more here:
  • “Inventory” has been added. Find out more:
  • “Setup” allows you to switch between all species/races
  • You can see the amount of money you have in both cash and bank in your HUD
  • You can minimize the HUD by clicking on the top-left button.
  • We will assign a default combat mode to each group, but you can easily change it from the ‘Setup’


  • No more items to pick up when you signup for employment
  • All items are now ‘virtual’ and stored in the SGS database.
  • To find out what items you got, click on “Inventory” on the HUD or browse your web profile
  • Items can be either sold with the gesture “/sell”, or used with the gesture “/use”.
  • Based on your level of skill, you will get 1, 2, or 3 items for each time you signup.
  • Added ‘blood’ skill items as well.
  • Max 20 items in inventory. Expiration is 2-3 days for all of them.
  • Find out more:
  • And about individual items:


  • Added stamina and removed mental % and ethos %
  • Stamina will automatically increase when your avatar rests. Running, jumping, swinging a weapon etc will decrease your stamina during fight/capture.
  • If stamina is zero, then your avatar will freeze and stop for a few seconds. When you stop, then the stamina goes up again, and you will start to recover.
  • Max stamina is assigned to each group (prey groups may have less stamina than predator groups. Find out on the website).
  • You won’t be able to eat or heal when your stamina is below a certain level (to avoid quick healing during combat/capture).
  • Find out more:


  • The rank has now a maximum of 20 levels
  • 17 levels may be acquired with the age (1 for each 30 days of game play),
  • Other levels will be acquired with skills, leadership, backstory, etc
  • Read More here:


  • The meter is really a collar now. There are different version of collars, but at the moment we released a gothic version, one for Females, one for Males.
  • No more cylinder shaped meter (that was still causing some confusion).
  • Attachment point is the SPINE, so please ‘Add’ this from your SL inventory, instead of ‘Wear’ this
  • Leash is built-in in the collar. To use it, click on VICTIM on the HUD, then click on ‘LEASH’


Upcoming SGS v 2.0

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

The new major release of the meter will come out in 10-14 days. Not sure about the exact date yet. There are A LOT of improvements and additions.
Once the new meter is released, all the weapons will also be upgraded, and so most of the game scripts in the sim. It will be a busy day.
The only thing I won’t be able to upgrade are the items you currently store in your inventory. So please use them or lose them. Thanks!