Food Type: Blood

Quick note to all Races with FOOD type BLOOD.
There are as of now two places to get buy blood from in the Sim,
The Hospital in St Anns Square
The Slaughter Zone Club on Highway 1.
If you want a quick feed and don’t want to RP it out then at the moment the best place is the Slaughter Zone.
If you decide that you want to RP a little to get your Food then Maybe the hospital is the best place.
In all cases, if there are players around in an area when you go to get food then at least a little RP should be
involved, no other player can deny you access to your food source, but its all about RP so no reason to make
it easy 🙂 This goes for all food types.
May I remind all players that do not eat normal food I.e. Vampires Demons Shapeshifters and Cyborgs that
their main food should be hunted for, or captured and kept as a food source, this is a large part of the game.
The bought food is only there to make life easier if food is scarce.
The Hospital Blood bank has been moved to a room behind the reception counter so as not to interrupt  any
operations underway in the emergency room.
Good hunting.

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