War of the Sexes @ KoS, Sat 1 May

Ladies, May 1, 2010 is Beltane or May Day.

This spring, when mating of all of God’s creatures and the renewal of earth is recognized.  Our ancestors used to revel in celebrations which were unashamedly sexual in nature.

With our hormones in high gear and the beginning of spring, what better time to have a War of the sexes in KoS.

Any questions please IM me, shevaunn Clarity.  All are welcome.

On Saturday May 1st 2010 at 2 pm SLT the Kos Sisterhood will be having another War of the sexes.  Full battle, Women against the Men.

This is an OOC event, people can release themselves and pick up a sword for the 2 hour event, the place themselves back where they were before, with permission of course.

Rules of engagement:

All participants are to carry weapons, have their hud set to Predator and be on Warrior mode.  This is not negotiable.

Women will be caged in slavers bay, Men in bedu camp.  There will be 2 guards of each sex to watch them and keep them amused.  Guards are the only ones allowed to be non combative.

If you have to go afk, you can go OOC, but NOT in the middle of a fight.  Anyone caught going on training, going OOC or giving out a compliment to render their opponent helpless will be immediately considered captured.  No whining in local, whine to me in im.

Captives are to be escorted to the jailing area, not sent to walk on their own.

At the end of the two hours, if you have captured someone, you will role play with them for minimum 30 minutes, to be negotiated between the two.  There will be no selling of any prisoners.

No using group chats to get help, or im’s to your friends for help. Shouting for help at the top of your lungs is acceptable and encouraged.

Most important is to have fun with this and get to know some new people you don’t normally talk to.  For the new people this is a good chance to jump right in.  Nomos players are more than welcome to come out and fight with us and see Ireem and what it has to offer.