KoS Safezones

Safezones are returning to Kingdom of Sand, as planned.
However, there are some differences from the old ones, so please read here below:

1) Safezone is now a special plugin at KOS. It was actually not meant to use in all SGS sims
2) To save on performance, thery are not built inside the HUD, so the clicking of a prim is required.
3) The safezone objects are special balls that you will find in all the group camps and in other key areas.
4) Once you click on it, everybody within 15meters from it that qualify for safezone will also be tagged as “Safe”.
5) If you are in a safezone, your meter will display “Safe”.
6) If you are safe, then you don’t get damage within safezones – but you will still be able to combat (if you are enabled for it). If you are a prey, you won’t get captured.
7) So in practice, if you want to hold a meeting in your camp or have a little privacy with your slaves, then safezone is highly recommended. If someone from another group come and mess with you, then you can easily kill him.
8) Because you have to click on something, they may not work so well if you are trying to escape from losing at a fight. Well, we surely hope so.
9) You will need version 0.36 (coming out today) to be able to use safezones.
10) If you are OOC or Non-Combatant, your status won’t change. You won’t get damage if someone attacks you anyway.

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