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New apartments for Rent in Nomos City

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

If you are interested in becoming a Nomos resident and living in the heart of the city,  now we are opening different locations for rent inside the city: The Bradbury apartments, the rooms at the Royal Hotel, 2 Metropol Block Apts locations, the Vampire Church, a few garages at the street levels, some roof sheds. The info are now on the web or directly at the rental locations.

Zombie Cargo Update

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

For those who like the action, there are some changes that affect the Cargo Missions. There are 3 levels of difficulty now. So far you have played the easy level. But level affects the time you have to complete the mission and the number of zombies to kill. You get paid better by completing more difficult missions. The limit of 20 is removed. The crew can be formed of 3 members (minimum), and max 5. A random member of the crew will be asked to pick the level for the mission. More on the website.

Zombie Mission Tweaks

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

there are a few changes that I am testing. One of the things is this: “The recruiting phase lasts 15 minutes at most. The first 5 minutes are reserved to players who haven’t been part of the D-Con in the last 24 hours. The other 10 minutes, if the crew is not full yet, anybody can join. This way, we give everybody the opportunity to play, if they wish so.”
If you join the mission, and this is not working as expected, please let me know.

Cash Till Changes

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

It has become clear that some people use the SGS financial system to simply collect money, even though they have no use for it when they collect it.
We will be attempting to balance things out over the coming weeks by changing the way money is allocated to different people.

Most Business owners are probably unaware that most of the money we decided to put into their tills was also put there in order to encourage crime.
Crime was to be encouraged to provoke interaction between criminals and the law.

Business owners usually complain when their tills are robbed, but at the moment that money was not really ‘earned’. Up to now it was just simply free money.

Our first change is aimed at the way in which business owners receive money for Food Drink and Drugs.
So from now on, if you own a store which sells these any of these items your till will only receive money for them when either you or your co-tenants are actually playing in the sim.
If you are not in the sim then the items will still be available to buy and other players will be able to purchase them, but your till will not receive any money.
This means that any money you make while in the sim from these items is actually ‘earned’ from you running the business and also you will be able to take it from your till before you leave.
People who rob tills will get less money when you are away or will have to rob the till while you are in the sim.
Please understand that earning money to survive is what the game is all about.

On a side note, we are aware that many people use alts to accumulate money.  We have no problem at all with people having alts in the sim to play different characters, but using them to collecting money for your main character is cheating plain and simple and is totally against the rules.

NOTE: Tenant or cotenant will be ‘present’ if they are at either one of the 2 adjacent sims.

Prim Number/ Rental Price

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Please make sure that you change the prim limit to what you need. Since the price of the rental is based on the prim numbers, you can save L$ by using low-prim furniture. Also you can change the prim number at any time – adjusting the remaining rental time. To find out how many prims you are using check on here:
If you use more prims, your rental price/prims will be adjusted. So please manage your own prims 🙂

OffWorld Decontamination Ops

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

A cargo space freighter sits off planet but has been infected by the virus turning the crew into zombies. Obviously they do not want this to land but they do want the cargo.
At specific times through out a day, or possibly random times a message goes out in the hud to players that a crew of mercenaries is needed for one of these cleanup missions, they go to the TP point, a space shuttle, and when 5 players have taken their places, they are TPed up to the cargo ship. They land in the cargo bay and have to fight their way through the corridors to the bridge where they have completed the mission and can TP down. They must kill a set amount of Zombies before they can leave and have a time limit to do this in. There are extras like each person has a bit of code which they need to enter into one of the 5 on board computers to disable the auto pilot.

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A few more info about upgrades

Friday, December 10th, 2010

a) The knuckeduster in the game package was not updated, so I released a v 0.86 – the only different from v 0.85 is that it contains a working knuckleduster. Upgrade is optional. (both KOS and Nomos)
b) The Great Sword Slaine Clean had one of the two object ‘no copy/no transfer/no modify’, instead of ‘no transfer/no modify’, so I repackaged the sword and it is now available.
c) The treasure hammer has been upgraded and it is available at the blacksmith if you want to buy it with game money (G$)

Weapons Upgrade v 0.90 (Nomos Only)

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

All weapons in Nomos have been upgraded, due to some changes of the SL viewer. A few more info:
a) Chainsaw and Circular Saw are now type LONGSWORD
b) the code of all first release weapons has been optimized and unified, and made used of new LSL functions.
Tomorrow version 0.90 will become mandatory in Nomos, but you can get a free upgrade at the SIM entrance. Click on the SIGN for HUD Upgrades. If you have any problem, IM Kora Zenovka.

Co-Tenants to RP Business

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

All RP Businesses have now the option to have a co-tenant.
If added, he or she will have the same ability to withdraw from the cash till, refill the pantry, add events to the calendar, drop a notecard in the rental box, and paying for renewal, etc.
No ALTs please.

SGS Upgrade v 0.84

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

We released the new version of the HUD/Meter. There are some optimization of the API/code that will affect most of the healing/employment/money transactions.
There are also some changes related to the Ethos that we will explain shortly.
Anyway this upgrade is mandatory, so please upgrade when you have the chance. Thank you.
The HUD/Meter Upgrade is available for FREE at the entrance of the SIM. There is an UPGRADE sign on the wall.

New Forums

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Our New Forums are now open.
We hope many of you will register and make use of what could be a great tool for the promotion of game play, role play and community, all it takes is input from you.


Zombie Invasion

Sunday, October 31st, 2010


Sunday 31 October (Today)10am SL time
Don’t worry about finding them they will find you :).

We hope all players will join in this one off fun event for Halloween.
You may even earn yourself some extra cash, if your nerves hold out.
Even though it is a fun event we have still tried to fit it around the general story of the game so you do not need to go OOC to play.
Please read the short intro story at the end of this note if you have not already done so.



A zombie has a lifespan of max 5 minutes, if it doesn’t get killed first.
Every time it collides with players, it will drop 2 points of physical health.
Players may use either melee or range weapons to fight back.
The amount of damage is a random number based on the weapon damage

-= AWARD =-

Players that kill zombies will be awarded 100G$ for each kill , deposited directly into their bank account
(-10% of bank commissions).


The zombies chase and attack one person at a time.
If you attack the zombie, it will stop chasing its current target and come after you.
If you run and hide in a crowd, it will likely lose interest in you and start to chase someone else.
If you go to Nomos2, you have better chances not to be chased by zombies, but they do cross-over sims (I think, but yet to be tested.).

-= FOOD =-

If you go to zombie hunt, you need plenty of food/bandage/armor.
It is better food on the go. If you stop at one of the restaurant and wait for your food, you may be dead before having a chance to have your meal.


Zombies will infect you, if you don’t kill them first.
In general vaccines last for the whole month.
Because it is the end of the month it is possible that you will need a new vaccine,if you were previously vaccinated against that virus.

Genotek Exclusive- An Experiment Gone Pear Shaped


Investigations are underway into the mysterious slaying of four Genotek scientists last night. Autopsies released this morning uncovered all four had clean removal of their brains. A fifth scientists who survived the ordeal remains under heavy security at Bedlam facilities. Metropol detectives remain tight lipped on the situation refusing to make any comments on the events that led to the brutal murders.
“Listen lady, if you ever get a clearance through MetroTek in your lifetime then we’d only be obliged to hand you over a media statement…. but you don’t, so sod off.”
Charming as always….
Luck however seems to be on the side of Street Life when we recieved a phone call from the surviving scientist himself. the following transcript is a recording of the conversation;

StreetLife: Hello Street Life, you tell us we tell the world…
Scientist: Please i dont have much time. I am Dr [inaudible crackle] of Genotek. I must ensure Nomos is warned. the experiment, it went bad. Very very bad.
St: Oh boy are we glad to hear from you, we have a ton of questions
Sc: No. No time for questions. I will tell you straight. The miners. We’ve kept miners from sight. Years of experimentation have just gone down the drain with this final experiment.
St: Miners? Experiments? What have you done?
Sc: We were studying a strain of virus and its effects. It got too strong. We created an immunisation… but something went wrong. They got strong but they were getting hungry. They get hungrier and hungrier the more they feed. We managed to contain them for a while, but they broke free and killed everybody.
St: Not quite. You managed to survive.
Sc: Yes, i ran and fought off what i could. Metropol responded to the alarm and managed to fend them off into a vault. It wont hold them. The vaults only work on timers. We normally only use them to keep the replicants cool. After a certain amount of time the doors automatically open for an hour to let some air out. There is no way to reprogram it by the time the doors are set to reopen they will be hungry and devour anything that attempts to reshut that door.
St: Let me get this straight. You experimented on some missing miners and now, from what one can only assume through the state of your four dead scientists, they’ve become flesh hungry creatures with a taste for everybody. They’re locked in a useless vault that wont hold them and anyone walking the streets of Nomos is potentially doomed if they come across one. Wow you guys have alot to answer to for this screw up
Sc: Yes yes and i have four scientists that are very sorry. Please warn Nomos. The residents need to be armed and prepared. They need to be stockpiled on medical supplies and food.
St: When are the vault doors set to reopen?
Sc: I am calculating this Sunday morning at an estimated time of 10am.
St: How many of these things are we looking at?
Sc: the number is too great to…. [a voice is heard in the background “What do you think you’re doing doc?”] ….i need to go.

The phone goes dead.

Posted by Skarlet Winterwolf at 4:45 PM

Have Fun!

Stealing from Tills

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

The code has been updated. Now business owners can add specific players to a ban list. Those players won’t be able to steal from those tills.
Stealing from tills is part of the game, but it is not meant for a quick  robbery and then teleport out if you get caught 🙂
Also you won’t be able to steal while waiting for your court trial.
Committing crime is an opportunity to have more interaction with other players.
ps: If you find bugs in the code, IM Kora. Thanks.

Polite and Respecful: Reminder

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Reminder: One of the main rules of the SIM is to use a polite and respectful language in OOC/IMs. Keeping in mind that using OOC offensive language is not only against the SIM rules, but against the TOS of Second Life.
If you get mad at someone, DO NOT ENGAGE IN AN OOC OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE. If you cannot control your temper  OOC, please teleport out of the SIM or go to the Drama Box to take some time to cool off.
Thank you.

Bonus for Arrests

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

To encourage the good work of Metropol/Knights in arresting criminals, they you will now get a bonus of 80G$ for each criminal they arrest.
If the criminal is their captive at the time of the arrest, they will get the bonus directly credited to their bank account.

Frozen Bank Accounts

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Script is updated. Now if you are detained by Metropol (for Nomos) or Knights (for KOS), your bank account will be completely frozen and you won’t be able to have any access, including checking balance, until your trial is completed.
So hurry up and find a lawyer 😉
People in unconscious /defeated state will also not be able to use the ATM/Money Lender chest.

Big Guns and new Weapons at Nomos

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

We added for sale:
-MP4.5 (Rebel and Enforcer), Kitty Rifle,  and Alien M41A: type MACHINE_GUN
–  Mini-Terminator, SuperMarine and WarSaw A50S: type HMG
– Sniper Rifle: type LONG_RANGE
–  Flame Thrower and Experiment V2: type SPECIAL_GUN
Also a Nomos version of the reaper:
– Power Scyth: type LONG_SWORD
If you have questions, feel free to ask 🙂

Crime Reports – Verify Amounts

Friday, September 24th, 2010

When you submit a crime report or – if you are Metropol – you investigate a report, please also verify the amount of the damage or robbery if anything was reported. There was an incident at KOS of someone charged of 20,000G$. (aehm).
Anyway, now the board with current investigations  will also show the amount of the crime. If  after investigation, the amount is found incorrect, please dismiss the report and ask the victim/witness to submit a new one with the correct info. Thank you.

Time for Auction!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

There are currently 6 auctions going on at Nomos.  Market is full!
You can now bid for auction to buy: buzz pills, a beautiful wedding gown (getting married soon?),  1-DAY Immunity Scroll from the Metropol,  Used Pair of Panties (?!), Etho Juice Drink and a Vaccine!
Make your bids today! Items don’t last long 🙂
Items can only be bought or sold with G$ (Nomos  game money).

Auction – Selling anything?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Do you wish to sell something or .. someone for auction? Now you can use those computers at the Market and start an auction. Highest bidder will win. The auction close after 24 hours of no further bids. Game money (G$) only. In-character items only. Thank you 🙂